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21st Century 12th Grade Learners

Two principals are followed that have had low achieving schools. One is a veteran teacher and the other is a 2nd year principal. Great activities and writing prompts involved to help show what true leadership is.

Lesson Plan Booster: Digital Literacy and Online Ethics

Great for high school seniors taking government as it applies digital literacy to the amendments. Tons of group chats and discussions to have students understand what digital literacy really is. Also has scenarios for students to read and discuss.

Multiple short activities for students after completing a short reading. There are 15 activities that range from grading your self on communication to discussing proper telephone etiquette and even communication in the work place.

For students grades 9 - 12, it is a lesson on empathy with multiple interactive and hands on activities. Including walking a mile in someone else's shoes and multiple discussions.

The Shark Tank Project

Our high school does this project and the kids are extremely involved. I cannot find the actual lesson plan that our teacher used, but it was similar to this. Main Goal:  You and your partner(s) will create a new business idea/concept that you will present to a “Shark” (an investor/venture capitalist).  You want this “Shark” to invest their money into your business.  This is the end product and I want you to keep this in mind as you go through the entire process.

Global Citizenship

This lesson plan is online for both students and teachers. It allows students to work through three stations to learn about social injustice, fair trade and consumer habits, and a photo analysis.

Even though this is listed as a 9th grade activity, it is appropriate for all high school levels to allow students to go through the process of problem solving and hopefully persevere instead of giving up. We also use an escape room for this during our study hall times.

15 team building activities with lessons and information in order to help high school students learn to work together and also allow them to see how important patience and good communication is. There are some great activities that can be done.