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21st Century High School Learners

Lesson plans for 8 skills students need for the 21st century

Leadership- Set of Sample Secondary School Lesson Plans

"Prepared by Brooke Weekes, these lesson plans offer a wide variety of suggestions for teaching The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in grades 6–12". The plans detail what the instructor will do and supplies needed in addition to providing handouts that will be utilized in the lessons.

Digital Literacy- Lesson Plan Booster: Digital Literacy and Online Ethics

Teach about "cyber ethics" and appropriate cyberspace behavior. Many students don't understand that the power the wield online can be used against them in a court of law.

Communication Lesson Plan

Teaching students how to appropriately communicate with other people so that they are able to self-advocate and properly express themselves in a variety of situations with a variety of people is important.

The resource has a message to parents, but it could be adapted and used in the classroom. To complete the entire packet would take quite a bit of time, close to a week or so depending on individual class length.

This is a basic introduction to entrepreneurship. At the high school level this topic is taught through the CTAE department as a full course/courses depending on pathway.

Global Citizenship- Fairtrade lesson plans

Students often don't understand terms such as "fair-trade" or even really understand where various consumable items come from and who makes them. They may have heard terms such as "blood diamonds" or "sweat shops" without fully understanding the cost paid by those mistreated due to the thirst for new and better "stuff".

This lesson teaches students the 6 steps to problem solving so that they can develop the skill and be able to apply it to a variety of problems they encounter.

A High School Activity to Teach Teamwork Skills

This simple teamwork game helps students learn about their own teamwork skills and the importance of teamwork in preparation for later adult life and the workforce. Promoting teamwork is essential for many reasons: effective classroom management, cohesiveness, tolerance and acceptance and development of lifelong learning skills to name a few. This activity will have students choose team members from a list to achieve an important task.