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21st Century K-2 Learners

These are lesson plans for teachers to use in grades K-2. They cover topics such as Leadership, Digital Literacy, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Global Citizenship, Problem Solving, and Team-Working.


Topic: Team-Working

This lesson plan teaches children Team-Working skills. The teacher will read the text Smoky Night by Eve Bunting. After reading, the class will choose a classroom problem that they would like to solve. The students will work together to solve the problem.

Problem Solving

Topic: Problem Solving

This lesson plan is centered around the text Swimmy by Leo Lionni. The teacher will read the text and the students will participate in an activity to practice Problem Solving skills.


Topic: Entrepreneurship

Second grade businesses at Hagemann Elementary promote ethical values as a foundation for good character. The businesses are a hit for all stakeholders as it engages students and families. The businesses are child-centered that promote leadership and school wide community building. We even take a field trip to visit a local business to further their understanding of the business concepts. This program nurtures and empowers young people to consider entrepreneurship and teaches them to be producers and consumers in the marketplace. The students give back to the community by donating a part of their profit to a non-profit agency. The children are taught they have a voice in the decision making process of what they will produce, the name of the business, how they will spend their profit, and what items they want to purchase with their fake money. The students work cooperatively making the product, and writing and making a commercial for the entire student body to view before the day of the sale during this six week hands-on experience.

Emotional Intelligence

Topic: Emotional Intelligence

The purpose of the lesson is for students to learn how to cope with negative thoughts and actions. Trash and recycling will be discussed to link negative thoughts and actions to trash and gotten rid or of “recycled” into positive thoughts and actions. Curriculum connections can be made between trash and recycling and standards that address habitats and the environment,  and the effect of human activity on those habitats and environment.


Topic: Leadership

This lesson is written in a mini-lesson format which consists of the following components. The teaching point of Kindness begins with being kind to ourselves guides the lesson. The teacher begins with a connection, connecting text to real life with the book Those Shoes. Next the teacher teaches a five minute lesson on the teaching point of kindness. The students are then involved in active engagement by turning and talking to their partners. The lesson ends with a link reminding students that kindness begins with themselves.


Topic: Communication

This lesson plan can be used for students of all ages. However, this would greatly benefit young students in grades K-2 as many of them come to school with very few communication skills. The lesson above focuses on learning and using good communication skills. Students will have the opportunity to work with other students, as well as the teacher. They will practice effective communication skills such as listening, speaking, and nonverbal communication.

Topic: Global Citizenship

This lesson plan is centered around the text Planet Earth Gets Well by Madeline Kaplan. This lesson can be used for students in grade K-5, not only K-2. Students will learn how conserving water benefits our earth. They will also discuss what makes our earth "healthy" and "sick".

Digital Literacy

Topic: Digital Literacy

This lesson plan is primarily for K-2 students and focuses on a digital literacy skill. Teacher can use this lesson for teaching their students primary keyboarding skills. Each student will need their own keyboard for this lesson.