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10 Reasons why E-cigarettes better than tobacco

Smokers around the world share one common problem, once they start smoking, they find it difficult to quit. Now with e-cigarettes on the scene, they have a relatively safer choice in e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes better than tobacco

E-cigarettes better than tobacco

Smokers around the world share one common problem, once they start smoking, they find it difficult to quit. Now with e-cigarettes on the scene, they have a relatively safer choice in e-cigarettes. There is no denying that e-cigarettes since its inception are growing in popularity. Statistics reveal that a growing number of tobacco smokers in the US are now switching to e-cigarettes. In fact, out of 45 million smokers, around 2.7 million have willing opted for e-cigarettes. Unlike tobacco smoking that contains harmful fumes, chemical toxins, and tar, e-cigarettes contain no such health-threatening contents. Naturally, these features make e-cigarette a much safer option for traditional tobacco smokers. Here is why regular tobacco smokers should go for vaping:


They Help Avoid Addiction

Believe it or not, smoking is among the worst types of addiction. In some cases, long-term smoking of nicotine can prove to be fatal. So much so that in many countries including Australia, tobacco smoking is considered a crime. Despite that, to quit smoking can be a long and painful experience. Even worse are the withdrawal symptoms that occur when you try to quit smoking. Each time you try, your mind and body badly crave for a cigarette. Due to intensity, these symptoms often cause smokers to relapse and move back to the habit of smoking.

To quit smoking takes a lot of hard work, and is by no means easy. But, as new technologies are emerging, more sophisticated e-cigarettes are coming to the market. E-cigarettes can help you get rid of tobacco smoking. At first, smokers are advised to mix tobacco with vaping. Slowly, vaping takes over tobacco smoking as your body adjusts to reducing nicotine doses. The process can be time-consuming, but it can be used to use to quit smoking altogether effectively.


Less Carbon Monoxide

Less Carbon Monoxide

One of the worst things that smoking tobacco does is the magnitude of damage that it causes to your lungs. With several types of carbon monoxide mixed toxins leave your lungs suffocated. The tar and chemicals reduce lung’s ability to absorb oxygen and lose its original color over time. Hence, habitual tobacco smokers often face difficulties in breathing. With e-cigarettes, this is not the case. The flavored liquid leaves no tar or toxins, hence smoking these will not damage your lungs. In fact, vaping has shown some wonderful benefits that can improve your health.


A Variety Of Choices

A Variety Of Choices

It is always preferable to buy an e-cigarette online. Why? Simply because there is so much choice available. So, instead of roaming from store to store, just open your laptop or smartphone, search for quality e-cigarettes online and you’ll see a plethora of choices. Buying online is a great way to make save time and money, and you’ll often find a great offer that you might not otherwise find on physical stores. Moreover, you end up buying the brand of your choice and yet the price you pay is minimal. Several quality e-cigarette brands are available for purchase through coupons and promo codes. With quality brands like 3Fvape 10% off sitewide coupon at Couponbend, the offer is too irresistible to be ignored.


Pleasure Without Drawbacks

Smokers smoke because they get pleasure out of it. A pleasure that becomes lethal in most cases. But with e-cigarettes, the pleasure has no drawbacks. The liquid used in these cigarettes comes in a variety of flavors including strawberry, vanilla, cherry and many others. Vaping these liquids produces an intense but safe pleasure. All the smoker needs are to choose a quality combination of e-cigarette and liquid flavor. The result, a nourishing feeling that leaves behind pleasant fruit fragrance. Moreover, e-cigarettes are also environment-friendly as they leave no hazardous smoke behind that affects others near you.


Fewer Legal Issues

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes have been more accepted by people. Historically, tobacco cigarettes were banned from airlines, government buildings, parks, bus stops and nearly all public locations. The e-cigarette, despite being new to the scene, is often mistaken for a tobacco cigarette due to similar appearance. Another problem is that people around vaping person mistake its smoke with that of tobacco feels uncomfortable. But, as the realization about vaping being less harmful and different than smoking cigarettes spreads farther, it is now slowly accepted.


Cost Effectiveness

When pitted against traditional tobacco cigarettes, vaping quickly wins. Regular tobacco smokers spend lots of money on smoking, but this is not the case with vaping. You can buy a variety of e-cigarettes ranging anywhere from $100 to $250 each month. Compare to this; tobacco smokers spend around $300 to $350 each month.


More Discretion

One of the most common problems with tobacco smokers is that they avoid telling loved ones about their habit. With vaping, this is not the case. In fact, vaping can be a great relief knowing that you don’t leave behind the typical tobacco aroma that bothers people. Moreover, vaping is quite discrete which means it doesn’t leave behind an annoying smoke trail which is the hallmark of tobacco smoking. In fact, e-cigarette vapors release a pleasant fragrance which fades away in moments.


No Ash

A classic problem of smokers is the ash that falls off their cigarettes wherever they go. Carrying an ashtray everywhere is not possible, but the ash spreads in the area. Almost all smokers face this problem, and the only solution is not to smoke tobacco at all, which is a difficult thing for a smoker. With e-cigarettes, there is no ash and no mess around. In fact, your habit of vaping keeps you and your environment clean, just the way you would want.


No Health Hazards

Unlike a traditional cigarette, vaping an e-cigarette causes no health risks. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is keenly working forward to regularize vaping and the liquid it contains. So far, vaping has shown no significant, life-threatening health hazards. For a traditional tobacco smoker, this fact alone enough reason to replace tobacco with vaping. The smoke produced by inhaling the liquid, which is often just a fragrance, flavored juice, has also shown no significant drawbacks to human health to date. Though the need to standardize liquids used in e-cigarettes is there.


Potential Benefits To Health

Can e-cigarette control or slow down the number of deaths caused by smoking? In a recent study, it was revealed that around 6 million people die due to smoking tobacco every year. Compared to tobacco, the e-cigarettes offer potential benefits for human health. The study emphasizes the need to bring vaping and related equipment like liquids used in it under proper regulation. Doing so will facilitate in better risk management and careful monitoring of e-smokers. It will also help control preventive death due to chronic diseases and cancers as a result of tobacco smoking.

The vaping can be considered a worthy alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. It will take a while for people to actually understand and gain more awareness about the e-cigarette. Early signs indicate that things are going in the right direction. If all goes as planned, perhaps a day might come when we see vaping smokers taking over traditional tobacco smokers.