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Headline for Twenty-First Century 12th Grade Learners
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Twenty-First Century 12th Grade Learners

Twenty-first century 12th grade learners must learn to link, access, and employ career skills and technological tools. Students should acquire the following eight skills during primary and secondary education (to prepare for college and/or the real world): leadership, digital literacy, communication, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, problem solving, and teamwork. This list includes lesson plans of each of the eight needed skills.



This lesson plan focuses on the humanity that must be involved in human interaction and essentially, leadership. The lesson plan includes group work as well as a video that demonstrates the leadership of Nelson Mandela.


Students will be taught digital laws and how to accurately interpret information online. Students will see specific court cases of what occurs to minors their age who were not digitally literate.


Students will watch media videos and later determine what could go wrong in communication. Students will learn effective communication methods.


Students will explore the depth of their emotions by gauging their response to media stories. Students will use the scenarios to re-enact the information.


Students will learn how to create and use a resume.


Science group project requires students to select a particular precious material (such as diamonds). Students must describe where in the world the material comes from, how the material is obtained, the economic impact on the economy, and the impact on the people.


Students will create flow charts of recently encountered problems and how they were solved. Students will learn how each of their classmates found solutions, then each of the students will come up with an ongoing problem in their educational institution and make suggestions that could lead to actual resolutions.


Students will be put into groups and must build a system to complete an assigned task in less than five minutes. Students will learn the importance of teams.