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Must Visit Temples in Angkor – Mighty Ancient Temples of Wonder

Angkor, the capital during Cambodia's Khmer Era, is regarded as one of Cambodia's most historic regions. Among its many archeological attractions are several magnificent temples.


Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei is one of the smaller temples in the Angkor area, but that certainly doesn't disqualify it as being a temple worth visiting. On the contrary, it is one of the most charming ancient temples in the Angkor area. Banteay Srei is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, and is built entirely of the signature red sandstone brick that constitutes the main building element in most Angkor temples. The temple itself is belived to date back to the 10th Century, and the main structure in the temple is known for its beautiful façade and spire which is intricately designed with traditional Khmer designs. Some of the major highlights of this temple are the breathtaking stone carvings, its unique triple enclosure design, and its two ancient library buildings have made many visitors regard the Banteay Srei as a "jewel of Khmer art".


Angkor Wat

A landmark that has drawn tourists from far and wide is the stunning Angkor Wat. Built in the 12th Century, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its breathtaking architectural and structural beauty, and has been an integral part of Cambodian culture since its construction. Spreading over a vast 162 hectares, the Angkor Wat complex is the largest temple complex in the world. Its architecture, regarded as some of the finest traditional Khmer architecture, is simply outstanding and is assured to fascinate any lover of architecture. The main feature of this complex is the Central Structure, which is perched on higher land and has several iconic towers and temples of breathtaking beauty. The temple is easily accessible from many luxury hotels in Siem Reap, including the likes of the Anantara Angkor Resort.


Ta Prohm

This 12th Century temple is one of the most popular temples in Angkor for being an ancient site that infuses nature and ancient architecture. The temple itself is beautiful and of great historic and archeological significance. Made of brick and stone, the temple boasts traditional Khmer architectural elements such as intricate stone carvings, towers and beautiful mandapas. While the temple itself is fascinating in its own right, it is the massive trees that have occupied the temple, creating an image of the temple itself sprouting towering trees, which makes Ta Prohm different from the rest of the Angkor temples.



Bayon is an ancient temple that was constructed by King Jayavarman VII in the 12th Century. This temple was built to serve as the chief temple of King Jayavarman VII. Since King Jayavarman VII was a devout Buddhist, the Bayon temple was dedicated to Mahayana Buddhism. As with most temples of this era, the Bayon temple boasts fascinating Khmer architecture, and is divided into 4 sectors; the Outer Gallery, the Inner Gallery, the Upper Terrace and the Central Tower. Some the major highlights of the Bayon temple include the over 200 gigantic faces carved into stone towers and the intricate carvings of the reliefs of the temple.


Phnom Bakheng

Phnom Bakheng is a beautiful 10th Century temple in the Angkor area. This temple, made of stone and brick is located on a hilltop, which is part of the reason why the temple is so popular – the Phnom Bakheng is regarded as being one of the best locations to experience the glorious view of the Angkor Wat during sunset. The Phnom Bakheng temple itself is an architecturally significant site and its stone towers and its beautiful upper terrace are regarded as being some of the more renowned aspects of the temple.