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Updated by Nandini Sharma on Jun 14, 2017
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9 productivity tools that will prove vital to your success

Here are 9 best productivity tools that will prove vital to your success and make your work truly as productive as you need it to be.


ProofHub is a powerful app that lets you keep a list of your daily tasks, break them down into subtasks and keep track of what needs to be done and reminds you whenever something is due. A great thing about the app is that it is not your usual task management app. It brings along a long list of powerful tools that can help you bring sanity in your life.

Self Control

Self Control is works by letting you block all the websites that might be causing a distraction to you, including your mail servers or any other similar things on the internet. The app is available for computers as well as smartphones and can be pretty handy to help you stay focused on one thing at a time.




IFTTT stands for "If This, Then That," and it's a very clever program that helps streamline all sorts of productivity functions. IFTTT is a free web-based service that people use to create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets. IFTTT can be utilized in endless combinations, and not just with regards to social media.




Pocket is not quite the classical productivity tool but it will save you a lot of time. It lets you save awesome content (articles, images, videos, etc.) to check out later.Forexample: You found an interesting blog post or online article but do not have time to read it immediately. Store it in your Pocket and quickly find it the next time you’re searching for something to read.




Canva make it easy for anyone to make images for your blog posts, social media graphics, presentations and Infographics. Canva’s interface is designed in a way which makes it faster to put together images.

Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach will help you by calculating how much water you need, tracking what you drink, and gently reminding you when to drink. It’s time to unleash the power of water to improve your health. . The best part is that the app gives you a water drinking notification to maintain the balance of your body’s daily water intake.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is an app that uses the Pomodoro Technique. Based on the pomodoro technique, focus booster will empower you to maintain focus and manage distractions. Stay focused and fresh to get more done.

Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics helps you to identify the influencers and your competitor's most shared content. Social Crawlytics scans over 436 million URLs for content being shared about your competitors. The service also identifies key influencers, so you can get them to talk about you, too.

Tweeted Times

Tweeted Times is a content curation engine that helps you find content that appeals to your audience. Tweeted Times makes content marketing available to small businesses and for personal use. It assists in the automation of the most essential content marketing tasks, helps you discover great content and assists you in promoting it to your audience in an eloquent format.