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Vastu Tips - Simple & Easy To Follow (Must Read)

Simple & Easy To Follow (Must Read) Vastu Tips By Master Deepak Ji


Divine Vastu Tips For Hospitals, Clinics & Nursing Homes - Mahakaalliving

Hospitals are a boon to mankind and doctors are considered as Gods for the patients. It becomes really important to consider location, directions, and other Hospital Vastu Shastra guidelines while constructing a hospital.

Simple Vastu Tips For Gas Stations And Service Stations

For a successful business, Vastu is regarded as a keystone that brings progress and wealth. As explained by Master Deepak Ji, choosing an ideal place for your business and the right choice of directions while construction can help to enhance its growth. If Vastu principles are applied accurately on buildings, offices, workplaces then they can benefit the business as well as lead to commercial growth.

Vastu Tips For Happy & Prosperous Love Life - Mahakaal Living

Being in love is the wonderful phase of your life. If it is working smoothly, everything in the world looks like a dream. But if situations take a turn for the worse and your relationship goes through ups and downs, it really becomes difficult to make a balance between your love life and responsibilities.  For maintain a prosperous love life, it is important to build an unbreakable bond with your partner.

15 Vastu Tips For Banks and Financial Institutions - Mahakaal Living

Banks play a crucial role in world’s economy.  Today, we, humans, use banks for different purposes right from depositing money, getting loans, making electronic payments to online transactions. Banks are largely responsible for payment systems. So, as per Vastu, it really becomes important that such premises are kept highly secure and safe to avoid any kind of havoc, theft or robbery.  Master Deepak Ji has acquainted us with some Vastu shastra guidelines for banks or other financial institutions so that banks never have to face any troubles for inflow and outflow of money.
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Vastu Tips For Students - Improve Performance & Concentration

Vastu is a divine science of directions that leads to a number of benefits in an individual’s life. Students, nowadays, are working very hard to score well in their exams but sometimes after all such hard work, the outcome is not satisfactory and they get upset, and discouraged towards their goals. Vastu is a blessing for such students who want to achieve their goals that drive them to a bright future.

Vastu Tips For Educational Institutes (Schools & Colleges) - MahakaalLiving

An educational institute, either a school, a college or any coaching institute, plays a very important role in shaping the future of any nation. As these places act as a base for a student’s career so it becomes indispensable to follow Vastu shastra principles while constructing such buildings to obtain best benefits.

28 Must-Follow Vastu Tips for Marriage & A Happy Married Life

Want to know Vastu tips for A happy married life? Read below to know more about various easy & simple vastu tips for married couple, by Master Deepak Ji.

15 Vastu Tips For Career Growth & Success [Plus 6 Don'ts]

Career is one of the most important factors in an individual’s life It is a journey of a number of stages which begins with learning, work, growth, experience, and other aspects.

10 Vastu Tips For Wealth - Vastu For Money & Getting Rich

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Vedic astronomy which explains the influence of five elements of nature on the 16 Vastu directions. Each of these directions is ruled by a specific God or Goddess.  Lord Kuber rules the north direction of Vastu and is worshiped as the God of wealth and prosperity.

Vastu For House - 55 Vastu Tips for Home Entrance, Kitchen & Bedroom

Need to know Vastu for house? Get the best Vastu Tips for home which includes easy to follow tips for entrance, kitchen, bedroom, living room & much more.

15 Vastu Tips for Successful Restaurant & Hotel Business

Specific Vastu for Restaurant must be followed for obtaining positive results. Here are super easy vastu shastra tips for Restaurants & hotels

22 Vastu Tips for Factories, Manufacturing Plants & Small Industries

Read our Vastu Tips for factories, Manufacturing Plants, Small and large scale industries listed here.

20 Vastu Tips For Hotels: Get Huge Benefits In Hotel Business

Specific Vastu for Hotels must be followed for obtaining positive results. Here are super easy vastu tips for hotels to get huge benefits.

11 Magical Vastu Tips For Good Health - Mahakaal living

Find 11 easy-to-follow magical vastu tips for good health and wealth here. These useful vaastu shastra tips for good health and happy life will help you lot