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Most popular types of Beer – Have a chilled one!

Sri Lanka is famous for beer and its large population of beer lovers. There are around 10 different types of beer available in the market today, from soft flows to dark brews.



Possibly the most common type found on this sunny, tropical island of Sri Lanka. Despite the fluctuating beer prices in Sri Lanka due to various tax laws, beer has been an "essential commodity" is most households, as it serves as a quick thirst quencher and a saving grace for most people from the island's usual hot humid weather. Lion Lager, the island's local made brew can be purchased at any liquor store or grocery store such as Keells Super. Lagers are generally light, with regards to flavour and colour and go down rather smoothly, as compared to most other types of beer. Lager beers are known to be more carbonated. Popular international lager beer brands include Foster's, Corona, Stella Artois and Budweiser.



Despite popular belief, Stout beers are not heavy or terribly strong. Stouts are thick, dark, delicious and rich in texture and taste. Most Stouts are well brewed, with a hint of roastiness and a seemingly lower concentration of alcohol. Stout beer comes in two forms, mainly the dry version which is usually thirst quenching while the sweeter variety which is well rounded and silky and makes for the ideal drink to enjoy in the evening. Some of the known Stout beer brands include Guinness, Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Old Rasputin Imperial Stout.



Pilsner beers are more on the lighter side of the beer family, and are usually identified by their light body – texture and colour wise. Imagine lying on a golden sandy beach somewhere on the coast of an island, with the sand between your toes and the sun kissing your skin, all the time holding a perfectly chilled Pilsner in your hand. Pilsners are known to go down smoother than silk, on a hot summer's day and is most popular for this reason. Although Pilsners are said to be a variety of Lager, they have a much lower alcohol percentage and are said to be crispy and light. Some of the famous Pilsner beers include Becks, Prima Pils, St Pauli Girl and Spaten Pils.



Possibly the most popular type, Ale comes in different varieties from pale, cream, brown etc. and is brewed from malt barley. Ales are known to be more robust tasting beers with a rather fruity aroma and flavour it – however, they could also be on the more bitter end of the spectrum and is usually an acquired taste, as opposed to the light beer varieties. In comparison, ales are also known to be enjoyed at a warmer temperature and are known to be more carbonated than Lagers. Popular brands include Newcastle Brown Ale, Red Tail Amber Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Bass Ale.



Porters are somewhat similar to stouts and are rather delicious with some bread on the side! Porters have a higher level of alcohol concentration as opposed to more of the other beer types. Some of the popular beer brands include Founders Porter, Mayflower Porter, People's Porter and Fuller's London Porter.

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