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21st Century 8th Grade Learners

A list of lesson plans that can be used with 8th grade students!

New Deal Worksheet-- Create your Own Gov't Program

In this lesson, students learn about leadership through the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. Students identify a problem facing the country during the Great Depression or today and create a plan or program to address the problem. The teacher can add in specific variables to test student leadership under difficult circumstances.

Digital Citizenship

This lesson can be used to help students understand digital citizenship. For each adjective on the Digital Citizenship map, students could give an example pertaining to the course material while also explaining it's importance to them as online users.

FDR's New Deal Fireside Chat Activity

This another FDR assignment, but it is a great assignment for communication. During his presidency, Franklin Roosevelt would address the nation over the radio in what came to be known as his "fireside chats." In this lesson, students will learn about communication by creating their own fireside chat.

Strong Feelings

This is a great lesson to practice emotional intelligence. Student look at how the emotions of people can play a part in how leaders make decisions in stressful situations.

Colonial Shark Tank

In this lesson, students will learn about entrepreneurship through the creation of their own American colony. In addition to learning about the original American colonies, students will develop the economies of their colonies including how the colony will make money and who they will trade with.

BBC - Schools - Citizen X - Teachers - Global Community - Lesson Plan

This lesson is perfect for teaching global citizenship to 8th graders. Students learn about the global economy and how the economies of different countries are dependent on each other.

Fun Factory–NOT!

Problem solving activity that uses the Industrial Revolution as its backdrop. Fun lesson that students work on over several periods.

In this lesson, students work together to build teamwork skills while learning about the government. This lesson is made up of several different activities and can be altered to be more specific to other content areas. P