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Top 5 Items to donate to charity

We all have an interest in our communities. At the Giving Center we are dedicated to change / transformation. Moreover, to be a catalyst in socio-economic change through education and by charitable example, serving needs where they may be in our communities.
The basic needs of food, shelter and clothing go hand in hand with providing new opportunities to learn.



1. Boat Donation

1. Boat Donation

Donate to Giving Center today and rid yourself of any troubles that may come by freeing yourself from an unwanted boat. Avoid wasting time and effort showing prospective buyers your boat without any real outcome, no money wasted with pricey ads and listings, no late night phone calls, no price haggling! The only thing you have to worry about with Giving Center is NOTHING! We take care of EVERYTHING. That’s our way of showing you, the donor, how much we appreciate you and how willing we are to do whatever it takes to provide help for those who reach out to us every single day.

Easily donate boats and other personal watercraft to charity.

Giving Center accepts boats of all sizes anywhere within USA and uses 100% of the proceeds to generate aid for a variety of charitable causes.


2. Aircraft Donation

2. Aircraft Donation

If your aircraft is not in running condition, we will still accept your donation and make all of the arrangements to pick up your airplane, light sport aircraft, helicopter, executive jet or other aircraft type absolutely free. We also strive to help you receive a fair market value tax deduction for your generous donation.

Donate aircraft with Giving Center charity today.

Donate aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters, corporate jets, unmanned aircraft / drones or experimental. Fair Market Tax Deduction.


3. RV / Camper Donation

3. RV / Camper Donation

Donate RV, camper trailers, pop-up trailers, motorhomes and more with ease with Giving Center! We accept all classes of RVs and other recreational vehicles and we will even pick up your RV at no cost to you. Additionally our donors are eligible to receive a fair market tax deductible receipt you can use for a significant tax deduction.

In most cases your RV donation will be picked up within 48 hours or less. Giving Center’s volunteers are here to assist you with your RV donation, motorhome, trailer or camper which benefits families in need all across the nation.

Donate RV / Camper with Giving Center charity today.

Donate RV, camper trailers, pop-up trailers, motorhomes and more with Giving Center! We accept all classes of RVs and other recreational vehicle donations.


4. Car Donation

4. Car Donation

When you donate car to charity, not only will you be doing a great deed by helping your community and those who are in need of assistance, but you will also get an unbeatable tax break which will benefit you financially; and who wouldn’t want a great tax deduction for a junk car that is not running? Donating your junk car is beyond beneficial to you and your community, and it is an incredible and effortless way to make a difference, especially because your vehicle is of no good use for you anymore, however, a great contribution to our organization. Donate today and allow us to relieve the hassle and maintenance of a salvage car, or any car donation, from your worries.

Donate Car to Giving Center charity.

We make it easy for vehicle owners to make car donations. Taking a tax deduction for your Charitable car donation isn't very different from any other gift to charity. However, car, vehicle and vessel donations are a little more complicated than most charitable contributions


10. Donate Intellectual Property

10. Donate Intellectual Property

What Are the Tax Benefits for You the Donor? There are two main ways you can earn a tax deduction from the Giving Center for your Intellectual Property asset. You have the right to receive the full face value of your intellectual property, as a tax deduction; at the time of donation.

Option 2, you can continue to receive tax benefits based on any royalties or other monetary gains received by the I.P. asset. You can earn years of tax deductible gains with one I.P (intellectual property) donation to The Giving Center. As Patents rise, so will the future restrictions on this type of tax deductible gift. Lock in your benefits for this year before the IRS regulations tighten.

Donate Intellectual Property to charity

Donate intellectual property as simple as an insider process which is the foundation to your company’s success or as complex as a new invention for an exoskeleton, stasis machine or video tattoos. The most common forms of intellectual property donations are copyrights, patents and trademarks.

Giving center Charity is dedicated to providing assistance where there is none. Give today!

Giving Center is a nationwide 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that serves to help a wide range of causes nationwide with aid in the form of gifts, endowments and more.