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Headline for Ultimate Surfing Spots in Sri Lanka – Come Soak Up the Sun, Sand & the Surf
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Ultimate Surfing Spots in Sri Lanka – Come Soak Up the Sun, Sand & the Surf

April to October is the surf season in Sri Lanka with waves 4 to 7 feet high and ideal winds. For the adventurous surfer the island's coastal belt is full of unfrequented surf spots with untapped potential 🏄


Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay

Kondephy,Arugam bay beach, CC BY-SA 4.0

Popular as 'the surf Mecca of Sri Lanka', Arugam bay is situated on the island's east coast. Stumbled upon by travelling surfers of the 1970s, Arugam Bay point is considered the Lankan haven for pro surfers.

Located at the tip of Arugam bay, Arugam Bay Point is known as Sri Lanka's most advanced surfing point, where the waves can range from 5 to 10 metres depending on the swell and sea conditions.

During April to October each year, the high surf season in Sri Lanka, the UK Pro-Surfers Association holds the Sri Lanka Surf Championships, an open event where the best international surfers gather to compete at one of the finest global surfing hotspots.

If you're thinking of visiting this exotic surfers' haven, Sandy Beach Trips will offer you more information on its locale and the dos and don'ts. 🏄🌴


Whisky Point

Whisky Point is situated in Urani, a little away from Arugam Bay.

It is one of those unfrequented surf spots of the island that especially appeals to novice surfers because of its rocky outcrop that allows the waves to break-off near the beach.

Also because its swells only vary from 1 to 4 metres. The place is also great for sea bathing and walks along the beach at dusk, making it one of the island's best beach getaways.




Photo by Francesco via Flickr , (CC BY 2.0)

Located in the south west coast of the island, Hikkaduwa is second only in preference and popularity to Arugam bay.

This surf spot has the ability to pick up and even magnify any swell. Not widely known as a learners' surf terrain, Hikkaduwa is often frequented by better surfers.

Famous for its heavy local presence, the smart preference is to surf here in the early mornings, especially on the weekends, when the surroundings are still dormant after a tiring week's labour and hangovers.

Since Hikkaduwa is one of the most crowded beaches on the island, it is best for those surfers who know what they are doing.




Talalla Beach, Sistak, Flickr, (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Along with Arugam bay, Talalla is known to be one of Sri Lanka's longest functioning surf spots. If you are looking to go on a surf holiday, Talalla will be a good camping spot for you.

It will be a surf spot where you will find more than just a couple of surf lessons on offer. Talalla beach is home to many an experienced surf coach and surfing camps that even offer video analysis of your own surfing to improve on. 🏄🌴




Honeplus, Weligama Beach in Sri Lanka,CC BY-SA 3.0

Weligama is a good place for complete beginners in surfing as there are many surf schools on the beach.

You can simply go for walk on the beach and find your instructor. To give yourself the best chance of surf success Sri Lanka, it's best to base yourself in a place with good beginner waves like Weligama Bay - one of the few sandy beaches on Sri Lanka's south coast.



The beach and the waves here are supposed to be reminiscent of that of Indonesia. Supposedly somewhat fickle, on its good days Madiha is known to offer shallow and perfect tubes for surfing through.

Madiha is again considered one off those unfrequented, untapped yet beautiful surfing spots of Sri Lanka.



Considered a place more adept for intermediate and advanced surf lessons, Midigama is supposed to be the ideal place for longboarding waves.

Also the deep reef and the channel make this a perfect surf spot for first experiences on the reef. Many surfers come here to train how to surf over a reef which seems a must; given that much of Sri Lanka's south coast is surrounded by reef than sand.

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