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10 Selected Experiments for Beginners (Age 4- 7 years)

Science is all around us. Simple science experiments that you can do at home is a good way to introduce science to your child. Enjoy science and let your child learn things the right way!


Rain in a Jar

Rain in a Jar

Help your child learn the science of rain through this simple science experiment - "Rain in a Jar". The experiment involves heat/fire, and hence take proper care.

Float or Sink Experiment | Fun Brains

Does an orange float or sink in water? What will be the difference in behavior when an orange is peeled? See this experiment and explain why an orange behave...

Optical Inversion - Reverse Your Images With A Glass of Water

Reversing an image is so easy when you have a glass of water. This is due to the concept of optical inversion in physics. See how we could reverse images in ...

Plants Require Water ~ Fun Experiments by Fun Brains

Can plants survive without water? It is known to us that plants require water. Is it possible that plants survive with vinegar, milk, or soda?

Plant Seeds and See Them Grow ~ Fun Experiments by Fun Brains

Let us plant seeds and take part in the environmental care... We know that plants are one of the most essential organisms on earth.

Science Activity - Balloon Blast Using Orange Peel

Balloon Blast Using Orange Peel: Balloons are fun to play with. Have you ever tried spraying a jet of orange peel juice to a filled balloon?

Disappear A Coin Using A Glass of Water | Fun Brains

Try this science trick and impress your friends. In this experiment we use a glass of water to disappear a coin. This simple experiment can be tried at your ...

Whirlpool In A Bottle | Fun Brains

Whirlpool in a bottle is an experiment that shows how to make a strong whirlpool inside a bottle with dish soap and water. Use different colours to make it m...

Light Ball Experiment ~ Fun to learn experiments by Fun Brains

Light Ball Experiment: Another interesting experiment that can show the effect of visual illusion and persistence of vision is the light ball experiment.

Walking Water Experiment Demonstrating Capillary Action by Fun Brains

Capillary Action is a phenomenon that explains the adhesion of water to the walls of a vessel causing an force on the liquid upwards. This experiment uses ti...