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Why link build, when you can link earn?

If you are aware of link building then you are probably aware that gaining a link from a high-value website helps to improve your website rankings. What you probably don’t know is that link building is an outdated practice and anyone offering to help you ‘link build’ is probably just after your money.


Perfect your email marketing campaigns with Inteleqt San Diego

Great email marketing is the equivalent of something coming through your letterbox and being pinned to your fridge or ending up at the bottom of your bin. You need to offer you, prospective subscribers, something of value that will make clicking that subscribe button almost irresistible. Read More


Get your message across to the right people with the right content

It takes the average internet reader 5 seconds to assess the worth of a website’s content. Does your website pass that 5-second test?
Poor content writing is ‘we’ focussed, and doesn’t put your readers first. Your content needs to speak directly to your readers, hold their interest and motivate them into completing the goal you have in mind. Read More


Internet Marketing made easy with Inteleqt San Diego

What steps are you taking to market your website to your intended audience? Could you be doing more?
Even if you are a skilled seller, marketing online can be tricky. The internet gives consumers far more choice than they could ever find on the high street, making them fussier and more likely to shop around for the best deal. Read More


Your website in the right hands

Do you have a shiny website with all the bells and whistle, but no time to maintain it? Have you ever found yourself held to ransom by your web design company, who charge you above the odds for each minor update?
Well the good news is that that Inteleqt San Diego can manage your website for you, saving you time and money in the process. Read More


Learn something new with Inteleqt San Diego

Ever felt frustrated because you want to make a simple change to your website but don’t know how? Have you ever felt you are paying above the odds for someone else to make the edits for you?
Perhaps you want to skill up your web knowledge, but feel that you either won’t easily understand or don’t have the time? If you find yourself answering yes to one or more of these questions then Inteleqt can help you learn fast. Read More


Web Hosting – Make sure you get it right.

Web hosting is that annoying ‘little brother’ part of the web business. It’s annoying, but you have to deal with it. We have had many varying hosting providers, so we know a thing or two. Read More


Social media marketing ideas and action plans that work

Social media marketing turned out to be a big deal eh? Over the last 10 years, it has seen one of the biggest growth industries.
With the entire planet engaging on social media each other on the net, it’s not only a valid way to connect but a voice for who you are what you are trying to say. That includes business. Read More


Why logo design is so important for your product, business or brand.

How do you go about compacting every little detail about what your business is about into a single graphical logo? This is the question that hinders many people when it comes to deciding on a logo design. Thankfully the answer is simple. You don’t try at all. Read More