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3 Current Ed Tech Trends

Here are 3 out of the many current educational technology trends you may have encountered, be questioning, or have to implement in your teaching career.


Trend #1 - Web 2.0 Tools & Apps

With a big push to go digital, what do you use for what purpose? There are several flow charts and infographics to help start you out on your journey of Web 2.0 tools and apps.


Bloom's Taxonomy with Web 2.0 Tools

Bloom's Taxonomy with Web 2.0 Tools

Here's a modified version of Bloom's Taxonomy that includes several different Web 2.0 tools and apps to pick from for each different level.

Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps - Version 5

Nowadays teachers and students have a variety of ways to show what they
know and to express themselves. Take a look at some of the hottest online
and mobile tools for showing, explaining, and retelling in my infographic,
"Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps."

Using Padlet in the Classroom

Padlet is one of my all time favorite Web 2.0 tools. See how this 3rd grade teacher uses it in her classroom!

Using Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom

Lisa Dabbs talks about what Web 2.0 tools are and suggests some great Web 2.0 tools to use in your classroom and lesson plans.

Web 2.0 and Education

Using GoAnimate, a Web 2.0 tool, this short video briefly explains why we should use them in the classroom.

Web 2.0 In Education.

Created using PowToon, another Web 2.0 tool, this video explains what a Web 2.0 tool is, how it relates to education, examples, and the benefits of using such tools.


Trend #2 - Educational Blogging

The "ancient" art of writing a journal/blog has made a full comeback in the world of education. It is important that you have a group of blogs you follow to continue to spark new ideas, provide you with new resources to use in your classroom, and promote collaboration at a more global level. It is important to keep a blog yourself to do the same things, but also to help reflect on your own teaching practices whether it is done digitally or paper/pencil.

52 Education Blogs You Should Follow

TeachThought has provided a list of 52 education blogs to follow - for those not sure where to start!

Blogging In The Classroom - How To Start A Blog (2017 Guide)

For those who feel the desire to start blogging, but aren't sure how, this website takes you through step-by=step to make sure you create a blog that best suits you and your educational needs!

The Current State of Educational Blogging 2016

Each year we conduct a survey on how educators are using blogs.  Our goal is to document the trends in educational blogging. Here is the results from 2016.

Blogging Challenges

For those who are using blogging in their classroom with their students, here is a list of blogging challenges for your students to complete!

Here is a list of blogs that Scholastic has put together for classroom and specials teachers alike!

Learning in Hand Blog

Connecting teaching with technology. Here's another great technology blog for teachers!

Literacy for Big Kids

Blog for those who use the Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Workshop! She has a new blog, too -

The Hungry Teacher

Elementary teacher turned middle school teacher. She has SO many cool things!

Top 10 Education Tech Blogs - Brainscape Blog

Many dedicated educators blog about some of the best education technologies and trends available to teachers and students. These 10 are our favorites...


Trend #3: QR Codes

QR codes has provided a new way of getting information to people without having to type something into a search bar. This is how it can be used in the educational setting.

Twelve Ideas for Teaching With QR Codes

Blogger and PBL specialist Andrew Miller offers an array of creative suggestions for using Quick Response codes in the classroom.

25 Fun Ways to use QR Codes for Teaching and Learning

"I've culled a bunch of ideas from different teachers who have shared their approaches to using this simple but powerful construct in the classroom. Once your students are equipped with a device that can read QR codes and they know how to scan them, you're ready to use ideas like these in your classroom!"

The magic of QR codes in the classroom - Karen Mensing

She discusses different ways to use QR codes in the classroom and the benefits of doing so.

QR Stuff

Here's a favorite QR code generator website!

Five Reasons I Love Using QR Codes in My Classroom

Teacher and blogger Monica Burns enumerates the benefits of using QR codes in her 1:1 classroom.