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7 Trind nail repair solutions and how much it costs- Facts that you are dying to know

Weak, brittle nails are such a nuisance but can be corrected very quickly. The trick is to make sure that you use the best products (ones that work and not necessarily the most popular).Now the fact that you don’t need to apply color nail polish and can head straight to top coat, is a much welcomed solution especially if you’re many times in a hurry. Read More


How to apply medium acrylic nail services the correct way

Nail product manufacturers spend a substantial amount of their time in development and testing before they begin selling a new product. The combination of chemicals in every nail business line are made to create new looks that suit every woman’s style and taste.Today’s post will give you some ideas concerning medium acrylic nail services. You will have a better understanding of how acrylic nails are done, the tools that are used as well as the pre-application process. Read More


4 of the best nail primer for acrylic nails and how to use it correctly

They say “change is as good as a holiday” – We don’t know who “they” are, but they are right! Having the skill and correct products at your fingertips (literally) is a great way to keep changing the look and feel of your fingernails. Acrylic nails are one of those much needed “holidays” and is always done at a fraction of the cost. The trick however, is to get the best products to work for you. And everybody knows that the most important thing about acrylic nails is to get them to last a long time. Read More


Why short square acrylic nails services are ideal and how to get the most out of it

While manicures are a superb way of relaxation, they can be stressful too. Short square acrylic nails services are loved for the perfect and extravagant styles they permit. However, since short square acrylic nails can be cut in any way you want, most women will opt for a specific shape. Most of these looks also are based on your preferred length of your nails. The length can start from 3mm and can go up to 10mm long. What makes acrylic nails great is that you can even choose the thickness and size that suits your style and taste. The thinner the nail, the smoother the style will be. Today, we concentrate on the short square acrylic nail look, one that is the favorite of many! Read More


An OPI Washington D.C. Collection Ultra-exclusive Review

CIA = Color Is Awesome is a greenish blue shade. These shades are typically astonishing yet this one can give you some inconvenience. You could find it to be somewhat watery and hard to control.
2. Freedom of peachThe following one is called Freedom of Peach. It is a peachy orange shade. The surface is great, it has a decent consistency and is anything but difficult to a pply with great mistiness. The best is applying two coats to get a longer wear. Read More


The best acrylic powder and liquid for nails and how to use them the correct way

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to apply your own acrylic nails. It’s a fun and cost effective way of sprucing up your nail plates without causing a lot of damage. Acrylic nails are based on making use of a liquid Monomer which is combined with various colored Polymers. Combining the two to result in ao get a perfect bead and applying the acrylic on your natural nail plate. Read More


8 steps to make use of the best acrylic nail products

Oh common! You know that there’s nothing better than stunning looking acrylics to get you feeling like a million bucks. To make things better; getting fabulous acrylics in the comfort of your own home at salon quality is made easier. You guessed it, you’re going to DIY acrylic nails and we’ve decided to find the best acrylic nail products to guide you the entire way. Acrylics are a great alternative to a holiday (well almost). So, let’s get straight into it and get those tootsies looking as fabulous as they ought to be. Read More