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Updated by Bernard Cannabis Center on Oct 14, 2020
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Bernard Cannabis Center

Bernard Cannabis Center provides medical cannabis evaluations and recommendations for qualified patients. Home visits are also offered.

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Welcome to the Bernard Cannabis Center. Our goal is to provide natural and effective treatment using medical cannabis, which is a great alternative to addicting and damaging medications prescribed for various conditions. Medical cannabis is a natural medicine that, based on numerous studies, is known to be safe and effective. You will be assessed and treated by knowledgeable doctors who have many years of experience in treating patients with various health conditions, including cancer, and are qualified to provide medical cannabis treatment as per Florida Law.

Important Facts About Medical Marijuana

There have been many controversies surrounding the use of physician-prescribed marijuana. Doctors, businesses, politicians, and civilians all have varying views and opinions about the use of medical marijuana.

3 Ailments Treatable with Medical Marijuana

Chronic diseases make you lose control over yourself. Your bodily functions decline and everyday tasks become harder for you to perform. Traditionally, you seek relief through chemical medications which cause more damage to your health. Fortunately, medical experts have developed safe alternatives that can help recover your excellent health naturally.

Be Ready for Medical Marijuana

The search for an alternative, natural and effective treatment to combat illnesses, continues today. This growing medical need ushered the discovery of cannabis or medical marijuana as a new wonder drug.

What Most Medical Experts Say About Medical Marijuana

Nowadays, many doctors would recommend medical marijuana to those patients who are suffering from certain symptoms associated with various diseases. Marijuana is actually a drug that comes from the hemp, leaves, and flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant.

3 Things to Remember When Using Medical Marijuana for Treatment

Some states in the US allow the use of medical marijuana as one of the options for treating certain symptoms such as pain and nausea.

The Fight Against the Smoking Ban: Atty. John Morgan Sues the State for the Right to Smoke Medical Cannabis

Under the Florida Marijuana Law, vaping and edibles are allowed but approved patients are forbidden from smoking medical cannabis. House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues sponsored the legislation and has pushed for the smoking ban. Legislators believe that medicine isn’t meant to be smoked and that smoking medical cannabis causes further harm instead.

5 Important Guidelines for First-Time Medical Cannabis Users

If you have recently made the choice to try medical cannabis as a treatment alternative, then you likely have some concerns and inquiries about its use and how it can help you. As licensed Physicians in Florida, Bernard Cannabis Center provides the following guidelines for first-time medical cannabis users.

Why Some Medications Might Make Us Sicker

All commercial medications, including the advertised safest drug, has negative side effects. Some side effects are barely noticeable, some cause inconvenience but some are also fatal. The most common drug side effect is in the gastrointestinal area. Nausea and G.I irritation are the common side effects that can happen, skin ointments or lotions also has side effects, it can be skin irritations or itchiness. When drugs are sold, it comes with a piece of paper where common and known side effects are listed.

A Deeper Look at Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis is a natural medicine that gives us an option of how we want to be treated. Based on numerous studies, it is known to be safe and effective, an alternative to commercially produced medications.

3 Health Advantages of Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis is a contentious subject matter. The incessant battles of differing opinions regarding the use of this drug often negatively affect those who stand to benefit from it most.

The 5 Uses of Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis has been a highly talked about topic for many years. In spite of the clashing opinions regarding the subject matter, its disputed legal status, its complex makeup, as well as its effects on the brain and body, there is still much about the drug that remains to be discovered.

Medical Cannabis as a Treatment Option: 5 Diseases that Medical Cannabis Can Be Used For

A study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine shows that approximately 8 out of 10 doctors approve the use of medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Card: Your Only Access to Legally Obtaining Medical Cannabis

Presently, the legalization of medical cannabis has extended to 29 states, including Washington, DC and the District of Columbia.

Smoking Medical Marijuana: A Look into Atty. John Morgan's Case

The debate as to whether the use of medical marijuana is legal or not is still ongoing.However, many states are already supporting.

A General Overview on the Use of Medical Marijuana

More than half of the United States of America have special laws concerning the use of medical marijuana for certain medical conditions.

Your Guide to Medical Cannabis

For years, we have relied on mainstream medication to combat diseases, behavioral issues, and other health challenges.

Why Use Medical Marijuana?

Before anything else, you should only take advantage of medical cannabis if your particular health circumstance permits it.

Medical Cannabis: A Possible Cheaper Treatment Alternative for Cancer Patients

If you are looking for a cheaper treatment alternative and need a medical cannabis recommendation in Florida, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

3 Benefits of Using Medical Cannabis as a Treatment Alternative, According to Science

If you are looking for a marijuana doctor in Florida, make sure to check out Bernard Cannabis Center.

Hemp vs. Medical Cannabis: A Brief Definition of Differences

Experts in Medical Cannabis Recommendation in Florida has helped eased the conditions of patients who have sought medical treatment

Medical Marijuana Programs: Getting Help the Right Way

Marijuana doctors in Florida have helped individuals in their community by supporting the use of alternative medical healing treatments

How Doctors Determine The Suitability Of Patients For Medical Cannabis

A doctor cannot just make a Medical Cannabis Recommendation in Florida to just anyone.

Medical Marijuana: What You Should Discuss With Your Doctor

This way, you can financially prepare for it once a Medical Cannabis Recommendation in Florida is given to you by your doctor.

Medical Cannabis Services - Bernard Cannabis Center in Florida

At the Bernard Cannabis Center, we not only address the various health needs of our patients, but also cater to their different preferences. We understand that many people are still apprehensive about public knowledge of medical cannabis use, so we also provide visits in the comfort of your home, or in any place your are comfortable meeting, for a private and confidential medical appointment. This is also convenient for those who are too ill to drive or have no means of transportation to visit a facility. We provide services to those seeking a distinguished 5-star, VIP experience.

  • About Us

    Over the years, people’s view of cannabis has significantly changed. Although there are numerous people who still maintain negative preconceived notions about cannabis, numerous studies find cannabis as a natural and effective alternative to traditional pharmaceutical treatment and have dramatically changed most of the world’s perspective about the powerful plant.

    It’s the same for our providers and founders of the Bernard Cannabis Center, Dr. Johnny Bernard, Jr. and Taralyn Bernard. For decades, they have seen first-hand how medications and chemical treatments have impaired the quality of life of many patients, many of them suffering from terminal illnesses. They are witnesses of how narcotic medications can cause more damage to the patients’ health than the condition itself, sometimes leading to overdose and drug addiction. Because of this, after thorough research about the wonders of medical marijuana, in 2017, they founded the Bernard Cannabis Center.

    At the Bernard Cannabis Center, aside from providing holistic treatment to seriously ill people through natural medicine, we want to help shed light on the many benefits of cannabis and how tremendously beneficial it can be to the health of qualifying patients. The main goal of the Bernard Cannabis Center is to give an alternative, painless, and natural treatment to qualifying patients who want another options outside of only taking narcotic medications and damaging chemical treatments.

    If you are at least 18 years old and suffering from a qualifying medical condition as per Florida Law, you can schedule an appointment with us by using the Contact Us tab or giving us a call at +1-866-737-9333. We look forward to working with you.

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