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Types of Fish Used for Cooking in Maldives – The Nation's Best Dishes

In Maldives, made up of 1192 islands and 26 coral atolls, fishing plays a key economic role and it is fish that forms the basis of all great recipes; here are the best. πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ£


The Basic Fish – Tuna

The Basic Fish – Tuna

Fish Head of Tuna , Photo via Good Free Photos CC0 / Public Domain

Tuna is the main fish that goes into just about every mouth-watering dish cooked on this gorgeous archipelago. And if you are thinking that Tuna is just 'Tuna' think again.

A great many varieties of this delicious and versatile fish are caught from the waters surrounding the islands.

There is Yellow Fin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Little Tunny and Frigate Tuna. Dishes are prepared by smoking, boiling, processing, sun drying and frying the fish. Either way, each special dish promises to offer loads of flavour. 🐟


Maldive Fish is a Great export

Maldive Fish is a Great export

Thamizhpparithi Maari,A view of dried fish image 1, CC BY-SA 3.0

Maldive fish is processed Tuna that's eaten in Maldives as well as exported; especially to the island nation of Sri Lanka.

Making Maldive fish is a process; first the fish is cleaned and cut to a certain method; next it is boiled, smoked and sun-dried until the entire fish represents a piece of wood – it does taste much better of course.

This is a fine method that preserves the fish for months without refrigeration. Maldive fish is pounded or flaked in a grinder and added to curries, relishes and other preparations as a marvellous flavour enhancer.

In Maldives, the flakes are used to make a paste that is wrapped in dough and baked or fried to be eaten as a snack or short eats. By far one of the most famous food in Maldives; this processed fish is a must try as a tasty side relish.


Other Types of Fish

Other Types of Fish

Big Eye Scad | Photo via OpenCage | (CC BY-SA 2.5)

Apart for the favoured Tuna, there are other favourites that go into Maldivian cuisine. These are -

  • Big Eye Scad – mushimas,
  • Wahoo – Kurumas,
  • Mahi Mahi – fiyala
  • Mackerel Scad –rimmas

These varieties are either boiled or cooked in thick coconut cream to create tantalizing curries. There are varied Maldives restaurants and eateries that offer different versions of favourite fish dishes in Maldives which as highlighted on The Maldives Travel also offer stunning locations to enjoy these meals at. πŸ πŸŒ΄πŸŒ…


Must Try Fish Broth

Garudhiya is an amazing clear fish broth that must be tasted before leaving the nation.

It is made with any kind of favourite fish which is boiled in salted water. A foam which forms on the top is removed after which chilli, onion and curry leaves are added for loads of flavour.

The soup is served with hot rice accompanied with chilli, lemon and onion. 🍜🍲


Short Eats

Short Eats

β•š DDβ•” from Male, Maldives, >Mashuni (382668832),CC BY-SA 2.0

As mentioned before Maldive fish is used in many short eat preparations that are basically always fish based.

Some must try favourites include; gulha, Indian style samosa stuffed with flaked fish called Kavaabu bajiya, masroshi with savoury fish fillings, Mas Huni a traditional breakfast dish mixed with fresh coconut and flaked fish.

Either way, the Maldivians know how to cook their fish and will not disappoint the foodie.