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Updated by Christina Rice on Jun 08, 2017
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21st Century 9th Grade Learners


This lesson explores internet communication by examining the risks involved in sexting. Digital technology plays an important role in a teenagers relationships. Students will learn the responsibilities that come with this.


Global Citizenship
Students will discover the facts about past global famine and the current crises that faces certain nations. Historically famines will be compared to present day famines. The lesson gives students a deeper understanding of this global issue.


Students will be engaged in interactive activities that teach team work. They will see that working together can be difficult but when they work together with certain strategies in place it goes smoother. They will create a multimedia presentation on team work.


Problem Solving
This lesson gives students the opportunity to develop an eating and exercise plan for someone with a health condition. Students will talk to health professionals as well as research the Internet for guidelines to solve this problem.


Emotional Intelligence
This is middle school I think it applies to 9th graders too. A wide range of emotions are discussed and the importance of them in a teens life. Suggestions are given on how to handle these emotions and deal with them properly.


This entrepreneurship lesson goes over the characteristics of an entrepreneur and their successes. Students will evaluate their own characteristics and compare them to successful entrepreneurs.


Digital Literacy
The lessons explores the difference in girls vs guys being judged online with their photos and what may not be appropriate to post. It also analyzes how the media plays a part in how we interpret photos on social media.


This lesson teaches students how to be student leaders by creating SMART goals. Students give each other feedback on their leadership styles.