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The Squat Academy is Staten Island, NY's premier all female fitness academy and gym. The Squat Academy focuses on building a strong, firm and shapely butt, legs and core. Our all female fitness classes are fun and lively and our personal trainers keep the class moving with music and constant variation

Personal Training in Staten Island for Toned Stomach Muscles

Personal training is relatively a new profession in the fitness industry which has been gaining rapid growth day-by-day. Individuals have been opting for the training of complete health and fitness. Either it is about building muscles, losing weight or achieving a specific fitness goal, personal trainers are the best to hire.

Ways to Find Ideal Fitness Classes for Women's Body Sculpting

If you are a fledgling to body sculpting for women, you will want to choose a class that can help you to learn. In general, there are classes that are fir for a beginner or an introductory level, so you should search for those.

Some Great Myths Associated With Fat People

Fat people are often looked with disapproval however, it is a matter of concern that several myths have shown up about them. At The Squat Academy, we have tried to bust the most proverbial myths as follows

What is special about muscle toning for women?

Many women are interested in toning their muscle yet some of them are surprised by several findings, but they also are glad to learn that muscle toning works wonders actually for them help when it comes to losing the fat from the body. As a result of muscle toning for women,

Fitness training can be great for people of all different fitness level backgrounds

If you have never tried out fitness trainer before or even if you had a fitness trainer, he/she can help improve your fitness levels. Fitness training with fitness trainer can help you learn more techniques and exercises and see them demonstrated firsthand.

5 Great Morning Habits that can Enhance your Productivity Throughout a day

It is common for a lot of people to get up in the wee hours of the morning and engage them in the routine activities while others prefer to just lie in the bed for a long time.


Working out is an activity which both men and women are interested in doing. However those who are inexperienced in doing workouts in a gym, the experience is certainly or most probably out of the way particularly when they are not sure from where to start.

Leg and Butt Workout for Women: Decrease Weight Gain and get Amazing Energy

The leg and butt workout will make a difference in your life if you do it consistently. Most people do not realize how beneficial a leg and butt workout can be.

How to resolve most health problems and enjoy a healthier lifestyle with exercise routines?

One of the key benefits of engaging in a workout routine, as strongly recommended by medical professionals, is that it can help individuals to take advantage of improved balance diet.

5 Simple Ways You Can Turn Your Fitness classes Into Success

Body fitness is something we all hanker after and most of us even follow a fitness program to keep ourselves fit and strong all through our life. As a matter of fact and without a doubt, if you continue to do exercises on a regular basis, apart from strengthening your body, it will also embolden the self-confidence as well as the quality of life.

Why to choose Personal Fitness Trainers in Staten Island’s gyms?

These days, many people are going out of shape due to their poor eating habits. It is our busy and hectic regular life, which makes it quite difficult for us to stay in good shape.

What exercise programs are good for women?

Finding it hard to find the right exercise programs for women? Well, the thing is that workout routines for women and men are pretty much the same.

How personal trainers Staten Island can give you best results?

You can now look forward to achieving higher fitness goals with the guidance and help from personal trainers Staten Island. Having your own personal fitness trainer in Staten Island gives you access to customized workout programs that have been created keeping you in mind.

Best Exercises for Women to Help Them Get Rid of Belly Fat and Tone Their Abs

Being a woman, are you looking get rid of your belly fat but finding it hard to find the right exercise programs? Well, the thing is workout routines for women and men are pretty much the same.

Tips On Choosing the Best Personal Trainers For Women in STATEN ISLAND

Employing a personal trainer in Staten Island, New York is not a hard job but it is also not very easy as you may be guessing. After all, not all personal trainers are fit in addition to being known to take on any sort of weight reduction management task.

Key Arm Exercises For Women To Help Them Get Attractive Upper Limbs

Women are more conscious of their health and fitness nowadays than ever before. In the past years, women used to be at home only as home makers, but at the present time, they are in the position to play multiple roles like home maker, office worker, financial manager of the home, etc.

How effective is weightlifting training and other weight loss exercises for women to burn the fat

A lot of women who are bulky generally boils down to taking weight loss pills, supplements etc. but these are not the effective ways to deal with the body fat. The right or the tried and tested way to fight with weight loss is to do weight training.

Abdominal Workout: A Great Workout for Leaner Abs

If you want a six-pack from an adnominal workout, then it will take your dedication to get it. Some people will find that to get the results from an abdominal workout is hard to achieve, and others will find it easier.

The Effectiveness Of The P90x Shoulders And Arms Training for women

The P90x Arms and shoulders Training should be absolutely attempted If you wish to lose weight quickly. The program is usually a section of the P90x Workout Schedule, which may last for ninety days and is usually a serious obstacle for those who are only starting the exercise routine.

5 Weight Loss Tips for Women

It is not the moot point who writes the weight loss tips for women in the magazines but most of them offer repeated advice which does not carry any sense, if although not absolutely ambiguous.

Learning why Water Is Very Necessary For Any Women's Workout

For some strange reason, I grew up never big on water. I liked sodas, juices, and milk but not water. As a result, while in college, this began to take a toll on my body.

How Workouts Contribute to Enhance The Radiating Skin Of Women

Workouts play a very seminal role for one in helping stay in a great condition. Consumption of food lacking essential nutrients along with lax habits and too busy work schedules contribute to making your body lose its natural good shape.

Understanding Great Misconceptions About Men and Women's Fitness

There are a lot of misconceptions about fitness that I feel have been around for ages and I am surprised that many of them are still circulating because of how old they are.

Staten Island Personal Trainers Guarantee To Transform Your Body Shape Very Well

Are you tired of utilizing various methods of getting in proper shape? Indeed, people get easily bemused by the advertisers claiming that they reduce their weight and transform their body into the enviable body.

3 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss For Women

When we talk about losing weight, we are directly overwhelmed dump the concept of eating less and exercise more.