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Muscle Recovery

Have you inquired what a proper bedtime will have an outcome on your training program? Sleep is very important for muscle progression. Athletes may have additional sleep than suggested...

Muscle Injuries

You are injured generally in soccer, football game, basketball, and in gym. In fact, weight training is taken into account an occasional risk activity. However, many sport doctors have discovered several injuries which will occurs in numerous circumstances...
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Before Training

Begin a physical exercise without warming up, could be a common issue for numerous beginners, and could lead to serious injuries. Make sure you warm up before hitting big weights...

Chest Exercises

The most remarkable muscle on the upper body is the chest. Regardless of your goals and your program, you may look for a new exercise to rotate, so here are the top rated and basic chest exercises and workouts you need...

Triceps Exercises

Best exercises for your triceps.The back of your arms are the support of every push you put on different exercises. Triceps muscles are very important, they're invovled in almost every upper body exercises...

Back Exercises

Back muscles are very neglected in gym everyday. People think that these muscles aren't important to their look, they always give more attention to their chest, biceps and shoulders. Training your back carry more benefits than having a nice biceps and chest...

Biceps Exercises

Biceps or "Guns", are the muscles that we love the most, everyone want bigger guns, not only for looks but also for strength. If you want defined big arms, you're in the right place. ExMuscle selected the most known and best exercises for biceps. Add these exercises and workouts to your routine and you will see some big results..
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