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Spa Getaway in Miami – Unwind in the Miami Way

With daily schedules managing to get the better of us, it is paramount that we allow our mind and body to relax and revitalize. One great way is to indulge in the therapies offered by a spa.


One Big Package

If you are on the lookout for a soul searching spa treatment that includes detoxifying your body, following a stringent diet pattern amidst offering yourself the rejuvenating treatment of a spa, Miami is as good a place as any. The sun kissed, seaport city of Miami bears many similarities with the tropics. Usually, these weather conditions are advantageous for spas as many healing methods require warmth; in the form of heated oil, warm water and most definitely a climate that doesn't make the client shiver. Sit outside under the trees, treating yourself to some clean air as opposed to canned air while sipping a fresh fruit juice just before a full body massage or a session of yoga at a South Beach Miami hotel. The curative powers of a well rounded treatment inclusive of dietary control and body healing should undo the damage caused by months of hard work. The COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach with its hydrotherapy pool and celebrated COMO shambhala cuisine is one spot worth trying out.


Beauty and Wellness

The natural concoctions that help bring the glow back on your face, the brews that remove scars and acne, the exfoliating scrubs that purify your skin and aromatherapy that stimulates your brain and organs are usually offered by most of the spas in addition to their range of massages. These wellness treatments are most welcome as it is not only about the muscles, tissues and ligaments but a holiday at a spa should also help to reduce the wrinkles, put a spring in your step and add some extra confidence to your day.



Reflexology is an ancient scientific method of healing by applying accurate levels of pressure on your feet, hands or even your face. It is best that the reflexology administration is done by a trained specialist as the angle, the direction, the pressure and the exact points are known best by them. Miami has no dearth of these specialists and they are generally capable of administering both the typical body massages as well as the reflexology massages. If you have a particular ache or pain or a throb that has been bothering you for a while, inform the specialist of the problem and they will be able to apply reflexology techniques to assist in the recovery process. Often, the treatment is applied to a completely different part of the body, but the beauty of the nervous system is such that the benefits are apparent elsewhere.


Exercising with Experts

One other healing method that we dream of engaging in everyday, yet never seem to find the time to do so is exercising. It not only helps burn body fat but also assists to maintain a great shape and super levels of fitness. With the guidance of an expert in exercise, commence a fitness schedule that suits your health and physique. You will see the kilograms shed as you watch and you will undoubtedly become more energetic.

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