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Adventure Experiences in Perth – Unforgettable Perth Experiences for Adrenaline Seekers

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia is captivating place, especially if you have a love for adventure since you're bound to find a range of activities that will suit your fancy.


Helicopter Adventure –

This experience provides a fantastic way to experience what the city has to offer, while also embarking on a thrilling ride across the skies. During this voyage over the Perth skyline you could analyse the city and determine your next adventurous experience since it provides a comprehensive look at the city. You can easily procure a helicopter from providers of luxury accommodation. Even most COMO Hotels & Resorts with examples like COMO The Treasury Perth will feature a helicopter experience. Some of them don't just include a helicopter ride and are coupled with nature explorations and activities such as fishing.


Hot Air Balloon –

For something a little more exciting than a helicopter, you could opt for a ride across the enchanting Avon valley. You will need to arrive quite early since the balloon takes off at awn however most packages would include breakfast, with champagne being a most likely inclusion as well. The thrill of gracefully soaring over some of Perth's finest sights is sure to be an experience to be cherished for a lifetime.


Horse ride –

If you like exploring nature there's no better way than horseback. Although it would be comfortable to head out in a SUV, riding a horse will enable you to truly experience the zen of nature without the noise of combustion engines. A horse would also be able to tackle tougher terrain than what most vehicles are capable of, allowing you to venture into the wilderness. A horse is also much less likely to startle the wildlife, and will allow you to closely glimpse various creatures such as kangaroos and emus, which are very easily found throughout the region.


Race-Care/Rally Experience -

Motor racing is definitely one of the most popular examples of adrenaline fuelled fun and in Perth you can famously experience two different versions of it. You could hit the track in a V8-powered racecar at the Barbagallo Raceway and indulge in one of the worlds, or at least the country's, best racing experiences. If you prefer a dirt track over a race track can drive a rally-spec Subaru or Mitsubishi for eight laps following a small briefing and tutorial by professional racing drivers. Not only will this prove to be a fun experience, but will permanently increase your driving skills.


Hands on Trial Flight –

This just might be the most adrenaline-fuelled activity you could possibly experience in Perth. If you ever dream about flying you could briefly take control of a Cessna 152 air-plane and fly it yourself under the guidance of a trained instructor. Once you've had your fun, the instructor would take control and execute some aerobatic manoeuvres. If the experience of flying an airplane doesn't get your heart pumping, being in the plane while the instructor performs acrobatics might just do the trick. At the end of the experience you will have some lifelong memories, as well as expertise on how to fly an airplane.