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Are You Celebrity Obsessed?

Fans across the world are looking for ways to get closer to famous celebrities. It is not hard to get a photo or a signature from your favorite actress, actor or pop-star, all that is needed is for you to be in the same location the famous person will be performing.Getting Autographs and Collecting MemorabilliaThe easiest way to see your favorite celebrity up close is going to be by getting a listing of tour dates, a schedule of guest appearances or time and dates of radio interviews.In case you were wondering just collecting memorabilia does not make you obsessed but showing up at a celebs home uninvited probably qualifies.Is your obsession an illness?Research studies have revealed that there is a condition known as "obsessive addictive disorder" this disorder could lead to a person becoming a celebrity stalker. In these types of cases psychologists are needed to provide mental health treatment.So just when you thought that obsessing over a celebrity was just harmless fun it could escalate into something more sinister if not controlled. Image: Lifestyles of Famous Celebrities

Why I Like To Read Celebrity News

A few years ago I became interested in writing about celebrity gossip. I was fascinated with the storylines and the constant drama. Eventually I realized that most of the stories were used for publicity stunts put on so that the famous person could get recognition for an upcoming movie or album release.Interestingly enough the journalism for celebrity news is based on a business model that helps sell advertising.Big brands are partnering with celebrity starsAs I began to look deeper into the whole celebrity obsession I started to notice a trend where popular red carpet stars where being used for corporate business endorsements. Would you buy a product because you have seen your favorite celebrity using it? Apparently millions of people have done just that.Fans can be inspired by celebrity lifestylesSomehow seeing Mariah Carey on a yacht in Greece makes me more inclined to want to take a trip. This is one of the biggest reasons I like to read celebrity news because beyond all the drama there is some useful information for future trends, media acquisitions and business mergers.Tech companies negotiate deals with the music industryHere is a good example of what I am talking about. The huge conglomerate known as "Apple" technology company acquired Beats by Dre headphones for $3 Billion dollars in 2014. Dr. Dre is a music performer and record producer who is known for is influence in the gangsta rap genre.By consumers keeping up with what celebrities are doing in their personal lives and careers it lets us know what if trending, and it gives journalists interesting things to write about. Fortunately being celebrity obsessed can be beneficial after all. Image source2014. (Jimmy Iovine, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Dr. Dre and Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue).

Famous Actresses Who Became Fashion Designers

You have seen them on your television screen or local movie theatre in some of the most watched episodes. Each of them have gained fame from acting, most of them are between the ages of 30 to 35 years old and have successful businesses earning annual sales of several billion dollars.As actresses turned entreprenuers they have been able to turn fame into multi-million dollar deals in the fashion industry. A few of these television personalities are also singers and book authors.Here is a hint. One of the famous faces was on a hit show called The Simple Life, the other two had recurring roles on the popular sitcom "Full House".There was a reality TV show on MTV which featured an up-and-coming star who would go on to sell chart topping albums. The other appeared in a television documentary of her life growing up in Orange County.Then there is the actress who starred in the television series Dark Angel in which she won a Teen Choice Award. Starting out in an all girl singing group this actress has been in some blockbuster movies such as Austin Powers: Goldmember, along with a Dreamgirls which was a musical drama.Have you guessed who the 7 actresses turned celebrity entrepreneurs are yet?Okay here is the list:1. Nicole Ritchie from the TV show Simple Life now runs her own fashion line called House of Harlow 1960 of jewelry and apparel along with a womens wear clothing line Winter Kate.2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins who were only 9 months old when they starred in the hit show Full House. Now the olsen twins own a billion dollar fashion empire The Row and Elizabeth and James which has been described as "boho-chic".3. Jessica Simpson started out as a gospel singer then went on to do a reality TV show and later played Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie remake. Her successful clothing line The Jessica Simpson Collection making 1 billion dollars. In 2015 the popstar sold 50 percent of her company to Sequential Brands Group, Inc.4. Lauren Conrad is a American Dream real life story who found fame at a young age with a TV show about her life growing up in Laguna Beach. Lauren actually attended Fashion Design school and started her own Company LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown with a focus on makeup, fashion and decor.5. Jessica Alba is a teen actress who is known for her many roles as Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four Movie Series. Starting a family lead the actress to want to have only organic products for her baby, which lead her to start The Honest Company with non-toxic products earning 1 Billion in sales as of 2015.6. Beyonce mostly known for her music she is also an actress with many films under her belt, from movies such as: Obsessed, Dreamgirls, The Pink Panther and more. Interestingly enough this actress, singer and entrepreneur has her own clothing line called IVY Park, which features athletic leisure clothing.I would say these celebrity actresses are underrated famous icons to watch now and in the near future, many of them are under the age of 35 and have already reached the millionaire and billionaire mark with successful companies in fashion. Image: Source

The Reason Celebrity Gossip is Big Business

One of the main reasons that celebrity gossip is so popular with advertisers is because content written about your favorite movie stars and musicians gets lots of views.Don't believe me? well think about this. Google trends said that the most searched for actress on Google in 2016 was Meghan Markle, girlfriend of Prince Harry. That is pretty amazing considering the Donald Trump was much talked about and covered in the media.Celebrity gossip is news worthyThe point is that people want to read about actors, actresses, singers or anyone who is basically making headlines. It is interesting to know who is getting married, who is having a baby or who just bought a million dollar home.Could it be that seeing our most idolized celebrity driving a limited addition Purple Lamborghinimakes us feel better about ourselves. No wait I mean it makes us feel like we can be just like Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. I digress but you get the idea.The life drama of popstars has become mainstreamTabloids have been selling print magazines for years by exaggerating stories about celebrity lifestyles. The internet has really exploited that obsession by making sure that mainstream media covers celebrity gossip. You know it has crossed all boundaries when CNN and Forbes starts talking about Entertainment, TV and Movies.Celebrity drama and reality tv gossip brings traffic which helps advertising companies make money. We may never fully understand what the fascination is all about.I will try to make my celebrity news be educational. If at all possible we can learn from the crazy lives of those addicted to fame. Image Source

Fashionable Ageless Actresses 60 and Over

In a industry where youth is the symbol of success it is nice to know that there are still beautiful actresses over the age of 60 who are consistently working in TV and movies.Here is a list I have compiled which originally was shorter but as I did research I became amazed at the extensive number of actresses who have broken age barriers by showing Hollywood that getting older can be fashionable and sexy.Big List of Celebrity Actresses Over 60 in HollywoodHelen Mirren (71) -SourceDiane Keaton (71) -SourceSusan Sarandon (70) -SourceJudi Dench (82) -SourceBetty White (94) -SourceJane Fonda (79) - SourceGoldie Hawn (71) -SourceAlfre Woodard (64) -SourceCandice Bergen (70) -SourceTina Turner (77) - SourceDolly Parton (70) - SourceCheryl Ladd (65) -SourceLynn Whitfield (63) - SourceJaclyn Smith (71) -SourceSally Field (70) -SourceDella Reese (85) - SourceAnn-Margret (75) -SourceRaquel welch (76) -SourceWhoopi Goldberg (61) -SourceJessica Lange (67) -SourceCicely Tyson (92) -SourceAngela Lansbury (91) -SourceDiahann Carroll (81) -SourceJoan Collins (83) -SourceBo Derek (60) -SourceEllen Burstyn (84)SourceNichelle Nichols (84) -SourceMeryl Streep (67) -SourceFaye Dunaway (75) -SourceBette Midler (71) -SourceShirley MacLaine (82) -SourceLinda Evans (74) -SourceVanessa Redgrave (79) -SourceMaggie Smith (82) -SourceLily Tomlin (77) -SourceCharlotte Rampling (70) -SourceDonna Mills (76) -SourceLauren Hutton (73) -SourceChristine Baranski (64) -SourceSusan Lucci (70) -SourceGlenn Close (69) -SourceSusan Sullivan (74) -SourceJulie Christie (76) -SourceSigourney Weaver (67) -SourceJessica Lange (67) -SourceJacqueline Bisset (72) -SourceJane Seymour (65) -SourceBlythe Danner (73) -SourceBernadette Peters (68) -SourceIsabella Rossellini (64) -SourceFrances Fisher (64) -SourceSissy Spacek (67) -SourceJudith Light (67) -SourceMorgan Fairchild (66) -SourceSuzanne Somers (70) -SourceMary Steenburgen (63) -SourceCybill Shepherd (66) -SourcePhylicia Rashad (68) - SourceLoretta Devine (67) - SourceAs you can see there are plenty of actresses who are actively doing films. There is many mature celebrity TV and movie stars and these celebs over 60 are just a few who stand-out with talented performances.

Kim Kardashian Nail Piercing Trending

Fashion enthusiast will be happy to know that some trends never completely go away, and a good example of this is the reemergence of nail piercing.All it took was for the reality tv star of the popular long running hit show Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian to share pictures of her diva nail fashion on her officialSnapchataccount where you can take a look at Kim K's unique manicure which comes with multiple large hoop style piercings. Is Nail Piercing a New Trend?Although this type of nail art design has been done before particularly in the 90's it is nice to see that some fashion trends live on. The great thing about Kim Kardashian Nail Piercing is that you can get creative with your own DIY styles. Image: SourceHere are some examples of various nail piercing styles I found.In the picture below it shows a nail piercing and locket. In the picture below it shows nail piercing on short nails. How to get pierced nails like Kim KardashianIt is recommended that you get your manicure done professionally from a nail artist first so that you can choose the right nail length. Piercing jewelry comes in various sizes so if you want a smaller loop for your nails it is possible. In this (DIY) Do it yourself tutorial it shows step by step. See video below: Many celebrity media sites have covered the socialites many fashion trends and this one is no exception but interesting nonetheless.Images Source

Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement

It has been the news that many Beyonce fans have been waiting for. Could it actually be true? Yes it seems to be a fact that Beyonce announced her pregnancy on Instagram. It has been 5 years since the iconic singer gave birth to her daughter Blue Ivy, now the Grammy award winner is having twins.The internet is buzzing with excitement and several Beyonce pregnancy photos have emerged online. It has been a long road for the R&B couple to conceive and with the help of IVF treatments the couple Jay-Z and Beyonce are going to be the proud parents of two twin babies. Image SourceBeyonce Pregnancy Announcement LingerieAlthough the fact that Beyonce is expecting is big news, social media seems to be inspired by the singers choice of pregnancy lingerie.The former Destiny Child star is known for wearing stylish and fashionable pregnancy clothing and I am sure the second time around what the mother to be has on will probably be the most talked about event of 2017 so far. See Beyonce Street Fashion Style in Video

How Michael Jordan became a Billionaire

If you are a sports fan then you are most likely familiar with the famous basketball player Michael Jordan whose popularity during the 1980's and 1990's lead to a very successful NBA career. The athlete is the face of Nike Air Jordan Sneakers.But what many sports fans may not realize is that although Michael Jordan made money from Nike as a brand ambassador he also is a successful business man.Michael Jordan Business VenturesSome of the business ventures of the star professional basketball player include Steakhouse restaurants as well as a Nissan car dealership. The NBA sixth championship winner has a multiple year deal with 2K Sports a video game publisher. Image source (Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan 1997)Things you should know about the Jordan BrandThe Jordan Brand is on fire when it comes to the Nike endorsement deal which earns the athlete millions each year since his retirement from the Chicago Bulls in 1999.Sports Team ownership pays BigMichael Jordan became a Billionaire when the value of his team ownership with the Charlette Bobcats/the Hornets controlling interest increased making Jordan the second richest African American in 2015.Reference:

Khloe Kardashian Good American Denim Line

Celebrity fashion lines come and go but this one is sure to stay. Khloe Kardashian has designed jeans for the plus size woman with curves. The success of the Good American denim line is filling the gap created in the fashion industry where it comes to woman who are larger than a size zero.Skinny models do not represent the reality most women face with weight gain and trying to find the perfect fit pair of jeans. Since Khloe kardashian has had her own struggles with weight she decided to do something about it.The reality tv star has been on a fitness binge where she is helping others get back the body they really want. On her path to weight-loss is this new business venture she co-founded with Emma Grede. Image: SourceThe socialite is not only the sister of her sibling Kim Kardashian, Khloe has also been a media success story with the talk tv show "Kocktails with Khloe" along with a health docu-series called "Revenge Body".You can buy these celebrity inspired denim jeans that come in three favorite styles such as fit, tailored and high waisted at Nordstroms for upwards of $200 dollars a pair. Fans have shared happy reviews allowing Khloe's jeans to make $1 million dollars in one day of the fashion line's launch. See video of Khloe Kardashian interviewing people who are wearing her Good American jeans. As you can see Khloe has made the perfect fit for woman of all shapes and sizes.Reference:

Mariah Carey Makeup Line with MAC Cosmetics

As one of the best selling music artists of all time Mariah Carey is a successful business woman with her newest venture being the launch of her own makeup collection with MAC cosmetics.Recently divorced and mother of twins the singer has made headlines recently with her public relationship with Billionaire James Packer although the two called off their engagement Mariah's popularity has not slowed down.The starlet is known for her over-the-top Diva style and this makeup line is no exception which is sure to please with its amount of shimmer, glitter and sparkle. MAC cosmetics is one of the top three global makeup brands along with Estee Lauder and L'Oreal. Image SourceMariah Carey net worth is set at $520 Million and her wealth comes from not only singing and acting but also from multiple businesses such as: having a Las Vegas residency, 14 perfumes with Elizabeth Arden fragrances, shoes and jewelry on HSN, and a "pink" fruit beverage drink called Butterfly. See Mariah talk about her new docu-series where fans can get an insider peek into the superstars lifestyle. (video)As you can see being the highest paid women in music takes work and Mariah does it all with style and class.Reference:

David Bowie Paintings

The legendary singer, songwriter David Bowie spent the last five decades before his death creating, inspiring and pushing boundaries in fashion, art and music.Art collectors from around the world have the opportunity to buy one of Bowie's paintings from exhibitions. The musician was an accomplished painter as well as owning a collection estimated at millions of dollars from British artists, Contemporary African artists, Vienna’s Gugging institution art and designs by Ettore Sottsass. Image: source(1994)Many of David Bowie's collection of drawings, sculptures and paintings were sold at Sotheby's (Bowie Private Collection).David Bowie Grammy WinThe interesting thing about the 2017 music awards is that Bowie wins 5 grammy's for album Blackstar posthumously. The musician died Jan. 10th 2016 just days after his album release. So it is fitting to see such a talented iconic performer gain recognition for his work on Blackstar which is the twenty-fifth and final album for the innovator. Video: "'Blackstar" off David Bowie's album.

The Heiress of Hollywood

During the golden age of Hollywood movie stars, one particular actress by the name of Dina Merrill has an interesting connection to the founder of the breakfast food company Post Cereals. The Grape-Nuts inventor is her grandfather.Successful Movie and Television CareerThe actress who has been fondly called the new "Grace Kelly" of the 1950's and 60's era. The starlets notable screen films such as Operational Petticoat which she starred along side Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. Some of her additional film credits include over 23 movies including TV guest appearances along with Broadway stage performances.Daughter of an Entrepreneur If that wasn't enough to make this film and television star memorable what about the fact that Dina Merrill's father is E.F. Hutton who is the founder of one of the largest stock brokerage firms in the U.S. Image source (Dina Merrill 1968) aka Nedenia Marjorie HuttonInteresting facts you didn't know about Dina Merrill1). Father - The Wall Street stockbroker Edward Francis Hutton. 2). Mother - The Post Cereals heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post.3). Former Husband - Heir to the Colgate-Palmolive toothpaste fortune Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr.4). Cousin - Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton. 5). Grandfather - Post Cereals breakfast foods manufacturer Charles William "C. W." Post. Image source (2015 Dina Merrill Hartley Palm Beach Florida honored for her support of the NYC Mission Society. )Dina Merrill Hartley and the Billionaires ClubToday the heiress of Hollywood is known for her involvement with philanthropy and the 93 year old socialite has a net worth of five Billion dollars (as of this writing).Supporting charities Dina Merrill Hartley is making a difference for the lives of those suffering from Dementia with Lewy bodies along with her husband Ted Hartley.

Will Smith's Bungee Jump Goes Viral

If you were not familiar with Victoria Falls Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe above the Zambezi River then you and many others can relive the moment over and over again on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube.The 90's celebrity star of the hit show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" bungee jumping photo has fans comparing Will Smith to his co-star the late James Avery who played Uncle Phil on the NBC American sitcom. To see the photo that has everyone talking go Here.Actor Will Smith Accomplishes Life Dream Source(Will Smith visits Victoria Falls Bridge - March 2017)Interestingly the actor, producer and songwriter Will Smith who is known for his role in Suicide Squad and the sports drama Concussion waited 20 years before fulfilling his life-long dream of bungee jumping over the Zambezi River. Fans can see the GoPro footage in full length video online.Will Smith's bungee jumping experience at age 48 is captured live and then goes viral with the internet creating meme's of how similar Will Smith looks like "Uncle Phil" from the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.The history of how the Victoria Falls Bridge was builtIf you are planning on a trip to the tourist spot you will be interested to know that it was the vision of Cecil Rhodes who died before the construction of the bridge began. The bridge which was completed in 1905 was constructed in England and later shipped to Mozambique along the railway that connects the two countries, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Source(Sky view of the Victoria Falls Bridge)The Zambezi River attracts tourists to its Historical Guided Tours. If you are looking for travel info and accommodations I found a great website: is on your bucket list? Seeing this thrilling video is inspiring for all at any age. Wowza look at Will Smiths excitement. I guess more people will be traveling to Zimbabwe really soon.Reference:

Jeff Bezos is changing how brands sell products

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos is now the second richest person on the planet and the innovator is changing how big brands will sell products in the future.According to Bloomberg big-box retailers are taking notice and manufacturers are looking at furture options of selling directly to consumer online instead of using traditional stores like Walmart or Costco.The future of commerce is online shoppingAmazon is persuading brand manufacturers to profit from the changing shopping habits of consumers by utilizing the e-commerce fulfillment services that Jeff Bezo's company provides.Amazon's lower prices is causing stores like Walmart to look for ways to not lose profit share to the online retailer. Image: SourceWill the direct-to-consumer business trend allow big brands to design products that can be quickly shipped to consumers front door?Executives from General Mills and other packaged goods makers seem to agree that selling items online will require a change in the way products are bought, sold and shipped.Walmart, Target and Costco are feeling the pressure with consumers choosing to shop on the internet instead of going to a local brick and mortar store.Selling directly to online shoppers is an opportunity that Amazon is providing for traditional retail merchandise brands whose businesses will see increased profits but for those companies who are not willing to make the change in their business operations may find themselves out-of-business. Image: SourceMillennial clothes shoppers choose Amazon's online marketplaceShopping trends would suggest that the Millennial generation likes to spend their money on apparel and workout clothes from the e-commerce giant spending more money than with competitive stores like Nordstom, Old Navy and J. Crew. Amazon is continuing to invest in its own private label brand products to offer the lowest price in the marketplace.Can Amazon Be the Wal-Mart of the Web?In this price comparison see who has the better price on popular items. Wal-Mart's "everyday low price" may have to go lower to compete with the online giant Amazon. Consumer brand suppliers are being asked to cut prices which could result in a loss of profits margins.Consumer packaged goods brands are feeling the pressure to meet the demands of the Walmart vs. Amazon price wars.Reference:

Helping Teens Cope in a Mad World

Being a teen in todays world is probably one of the hardest experiences your children will face. During those formative years many young people feel confused, angry and depressed. It is a time where they are trying to find themselves and want to know where they fit in.This stage of their life can be challenging especially when they don't know what they want. In school they may be bullied by other teenagers and at home they may be unable to communicate with their parents.Movies have been made that further show the troubled teens life. Unfortunately many teens resort to suicide as the answer to their problems. Image:SourceHow can parents and teachers help teens who are out of control?Many organization and youth development specialist recommend any of the four options below, but the result vary on how successful these types of methods work.Psychological CounselingBehavior Juvenile DetentionDisorder Medication PrescriptionMental Health Support GroupsThe following movie is a glimpse into the pain, anger, violence, depression and suicide many of todays teens face on a daily basis. Youtube video: "MAD WORLD" Official Movie Trailer

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