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21st Century 7th Grade Learners

This lesson teaches students different leadership styles through an interactive activity. The class is divided into three groups and each group is designed a leader. The leader receives a script for their leadership style. Upon completion the class will discuss what leadership characteristics were most effective.

This lesson teaches students effective communication skills with a short drawing activity. Students are given the task of replicating the teachers drawing by listening to a simple set of instructions provided by the teacher. Upon completion of the drawings students will compare their drawings to the teachers and discuss ways the teacher could have provided more effective directions.

This lesson allows students to explore a variety of texts. Students will this discuss skills needed to be able to engage with the various types of information. An emphasis is placed on the term "text" when describing various information sources to show students that all sources provide information.

This lesson begins with a self- assessment on emotional intelligence. This assessment outlines the key components of emotional intelligence and provides several short activities for each component. The goal is to help students understand emotional intelligence and develop their own emotional intelligence.

In this lesson students will self assess their entrepreneur skills and learn how to further develop these skills. Students will discuss the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and make connections to real world applications.

This lesson teaches students about global citizenship through multiple scenarios. Students will explore the scenarios and answer questions about each scenario. Related resources are provided for students to explore as they discuss each scenario.

This lesson teaches problem-solving skills through an online game. Students will be required to solve problems and make decisions that could impact their colony.

This lesson teachers teamwork through a group challenge. Students are provided with materials and a challenge and are given time to work with their group to complete the challenge. Upon completion of the challenge students will discuss the things that worked well in their team and what could have been done differently.