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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Here's Why Golf is so Awesome – Keep Calm and Play Golf!

Those who haven't played golf may not quite fully understand just how awesome this sport really is. More than just striking a ball into a hole, golf is fun & challenging. Here are some reasons why.


Freedom of choice

Golf is a game that one can choose whether to play by yourself, against another opponent or even with three or four players in total. You have the freedom of choice and depending on your mood and who you are going up against (or rather want to avoid going up against!) you can plan a day out on the greens. You decide.


Play as much as you want

While watching golf on TV you may have seen golfers playing 18 holes. That does not mean that one just plays 18 holes and is done with it. There is the option of playing a 9 hole game too and those who would rather work on their game a bit more can even just keep playing a certain number of holes till they master them. Of course, depending on your clubhouse rules or the course you are playing at, you can even plan to play more than 18 holes as well.


New challenges always await

No course is the same, and even if you do play on the same course, you are always in for surprises. There are so many different factors be it weather or the people you go up against, that make each game seem like something new. The way you approach holes will also differ because your shots are not going to be exactly the same. You can decide your strategy.


It's a perfect holiday sport

Golf is a perfect sport to play while on holiday, though do make sure your family is ok with you spending time on the golfing green even when on a break! Chances are your holiday destination is one that has golf courses for you to try, with each course offering something new to discover. Playing at golf courses in Johor for example, such as the one belonging to The Els Club Malaysia will be quite different to teeing off at courses in Europe, both in terms of challenges and natural backdrops.


You get some good exercise

It may not look like a sport that requires strength and endurance, but then chances are you haven't played a full round of 18 holes! Yes, there are more physically demanding sports, but nevertheless golfing also includes quite a lot of walking; this is especially true when you decide to forgo the use of a golf cart and walk through each of the holes.


It's easy to practice

Practising golf is something you can do not only on the golfing greens but almost anywhere you want. A common sight on TV shows or movies is executives putting a golf ball in their office into a cup; you can do it too not only at the office but home as well be it in the garden or inside. Just make sure not to swing wildly and break any windows!

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