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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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05 Major Benefits of Having Regular Physical Activities – This 5 is ALL you need!

We've all heard it over and over again, haven't we? But what exactly are the benefits of engaging in regular physical activities? Here are some major benefits, in case you need more convincing.



Yes, zombies. When the zombies attack ,or any other form of being that attempts to fight us to the death, you have to be able to run for your life – because chances are at that time, you don't want to be the obese kid gasping for air with a bag of Doritos stapled to your arm! You WILL be the Dorito! Seriously though, engaging in regular physical activities will eventually build up your strength to escape (if you have to) or run from a situation which requires you to do so (even if it's running away from your problems!) There is no drawback in being able to run a little bit fast –especially if it's to save yourself from something, and doing some form of physical exercise will definitely help you with that! Parents might always to be behind their little kids – and no, it doesn't count as a physical exercise, unless you were jogging, or literally running after them. Exercising will inherently boost your energy, as with this fast paced lifestyle – you will need tons of energy to stay on top of your game.


Controls weight

Weight control is what anyone and everyone is after these days. Thanks to the growing demand for having the 'perfect beach bod' or being the 'hunkiest guy alive' – all driven through social media, people have been focusing more their weight – which is a good thing of course, but you need to keep in mind "perfect" varies across body types and controlling your weight is more important. Continuous physical activities are required to maintain your weight and keep you healthy. Since a majority of us are too busy, personal trainers in Toronto will plan out our required fitness regime and help you keep fit. Some of trainers like those from First Class PT, even do home visits, to make sure you get your daily physical activities in check.


Sleep better

When counting sheep doesn't work, do you often find yourself gazing at the ceiling trying your best to fall asleep at night? And it STILL doesn't come?! Well then, here's your solution! Exercising and engaging in daily physical activities will help you sleep A LOT better! If you don't believe it, try it for one day and find out – maybe jog for 30 minutes; and you'll have the best sleep of your life. What's better is that, you wake up feeling so refreshed, because even your mind would have utilised that sleeping period instead of turning its clogs while your body rests.


Fun and social

Exercise can definitely be fun and social if you allow it. Join a jogging, dance or pilates group, make some friends and you won't even realising you're exercising! It'll be the new way to hang out – except you'll be so much fitter by the end of it. Maybe go for a fresh fruit juice after the work out, just to complete the day!


Mood booster

Exercising regularly – or even for a day, releases endorphins that will boost your mood. The physical activity you engage with will stimulate brain chemicals that are usually associated with making you happy and relaxed. For those who have a self conscious of their body, exercising will not only make you fit and healthy but it will also improve how you look at yourself and improve your self esteem! It's a win- win situation!

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