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21st Century 5th Grade Learners

This list contains lesson plans for each of the eight skills needed for 21st century learners.

Students will brainstorm some leaders from American history. They will compare and contrast the skills that those selected leaders portray. The students will work in small groups to research leadership. After the research, students will make a graphic organizer.

Students are involved in an interactive game where they apply decision-making skills to real-world situations. The lesson plan can be adapted for many grade levels and is not specific to fifth grade. Students can play the game over and over to see how different decisions affect the outcome of the situation.

This lesson plan can be adapted to fit multiple grade levels. It is an interactive lesson that pairs students with one another to explore the importance of communication. One student must give oral instructions for a drawing to his or her partner to test out oral communication skills.

This link provides teachers with a variety of resources and activities to teach fifth grade students on properly expressing their emotions. The different activities assess students on both inter and intra-personal skills. The resources are quick to prepare as they require little materials.

Students will learn about a famous child inventor as an introduction to entrepreneurship. Each student will have the opportunity to come up with their own invention. The students will draw and diagram their invention to share with the class.

This resource provides several lesson plans on global citizenship. Teachers can start with lesson one, which introduces students to the meaning and importance of global citizenship. From there, the lessons build on one another and involve more complex issues involving global citizenship.

This lesson plan from BrainPop can be adapted to fit the needs of older students. Students will participate in an online game that makes them encounter difficult decisions that do not necessarily have a right or wrong answer. Students can work independently or in groups on the online game. Students must use their problem-solving skills to determine the best decision during the game.

This lesson plan is targeted specifically for upper elementary students. Students will work together in teams of three to build a structure that has a hidden passage. Each student will have a specific role in the team-building activity, and then will reflect on their participation at the end of the activity.