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10 Ways to Experience Exotic Bali – What about Bali Everyone?

Bali is every other person's dream honeymoon destination, but believe it or not, the destination is ideal for families, large groups and friends as much as it is for lovers.


Engage in Outdoor Activities

Even if you have forgotten the last time you sat on the seat of a bicycle, don't miss out on the long refreshing rides through the country side while you are in Bali. Then jump in to a raft to feel the spray as you go white water rafting through winding rivers that gush.


Live by the Beach

What lovers love the most about Bali is its absolutely stunning beaches. The golden sand stretches for miles and the azure waters that end as a white foam on the beach spread endlessly in to the horizon. Sip some melon juice as you sun bathe in your skimpy clothing and enjoy the tepid climate. Check in to a hotel or resort that offers you unparalleled views and unquestioned access to the beach if you want to really pamper yourself to a proper holiday. Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort offers a wonderful view of the south western coast of the relatively large island of Bali.


Eat, Drink and Splurge

How does dining atop a live volcano sound? Improbable as it may seem, the Balinese experiences include this option as is the option of dining on a paddy field. The lifestyles of the locals are closely embedded to nature; their meals include plenty of vegetables, fruits and yams that are nutritious and delicious. The time you take in experimenting with new dishes while you are here is definitely time well spent. Bali is where you can consume the world's most expensive and rare coffee known as civet coffee. Whether you dine at an Uluwatu hotel or along the wayside, the food is fantastic.


Encounter Elephants

Elephants and their mahouts can be seen along the roadside at times, but if you enter the elephant safari you would be able to hobnob with the friendly pachyderms and even feed them if it is dinner time for them. The majestic black creatures are friendly and playful and should not be aggravated.


For the Culture Vultures

Dancing with fire and attending a traditional theatrical performance are just a couple of the options available if you want to scrutinize the local culture. Men and women dressed in traditional dance costumes flock together before sunset to perform the fire dance ritual whilethe Devdan Show is the most popular cultural theatrical performance where the customs of yesteryear remain revered alongside the modern twists to life.


Endeavour to Discover Local History

Indonesian history easily spans a dozen centuries and more. The Kertha Gosa, a former royal house is a large complex with a floating pavilion that is well worth a visit. Many of the most important sections of the complex are intact including the paintings on the ceiling.


Worship with the Locals

Offering floral tributes to Gods is a practice that has been in existence for a long time. Little baskets made of biodegradable material are used to play a colourful array of flowers and a mixture of fruits. These baskets are then placed outside one's own home or office or at the temple.


Watch Out!

The biggest reason for an unexpected scare would be a monkey who swings by or suddenly appears in front of your face hanging by its tail. Never leave any food unattended and make sure that you do not pet or encourage their presence.


A Family Treat at a Theme Park

The Waterbom with its craziest water activities is one of the most highly patronized theme parks in the island of Bali. Take the kids and even your parents there for a fun filled day that promises to create many memories.


Refresh Yourself at a Spa

No holiday should be a rush or at least entirely an adrenaline pumping series of activities. Therefore, allow some time off the schedule for yourself and indulge in a great local spa routine where the masseurs would help your limbs to relax.