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Things to try out in Empty Quarter – Top Attractions in Liwa

The Empty Quarter, better known as Liwa, is an expansive land in between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The Empty Quarter is home to many attractions which are well worth checking out.


The Liwa Forts

Back during the Middle Ages when Liwa was ruled by the dessert tribes, one of the most valuable resources to tribes was sources of water. As such, water sources became the cause of conflict, with bandits and rival tribes attempting to gain control over more sources of water. For this reason, it became necessary for most villages and tribes to build fortresses close to the water sources, from within which they could fend off enemy raids. Today, the threats from enemies are, more or less, non-existent. Therefore, the many ancient forts that stand at Liwa have become historic landmarks, which are a symbol of the heritage of the old tribes and villages that inhabited Liwa. Some of the most popular forts in Liwa include the Jabbana Fort, the Qutuf Fort and the Mezzaira'a Fort.


The Emirates National Auto Museum

The Emirates National Auto Museum, also known as the Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum is one of the most fascinating attractions in all the United Arab Emirates. Located on Hamim Road, Off E11 in Al Dhafra, the Emirates National Auto Museum is a museum dedicated to showcasing some of the most unique and rare motor vehicles in the world. You might think that the large collection of vehicles this museum holds is owned by the State or by a group of collectors, but actually it just showcases the collection of one collector; Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. There are over 200 vehicles at this museum in all shapes, colors and sizes; including a Dodge truck that is 5m tall, seven Mercedes Benz cars each in one of the colors of a rainbow, military-grade off-road vehicles, and many more! This museum is so popular that even a 5 Star Hotel in Abu Dhabi such as the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara promotes it amongst their patrons as an attraction worth visiting.


Tel Moreeb

Tel Moreed, colloquially referred to as the Moreed Dune, is regarded as being one the highest and steepest dunes in Liwa. Standing approximately 300m with a 50o slope, Tel Moreeb truly is one of the most breathtaking natural attractions of the Empty Quarter. Visiting this mammoth sand dune at any time of the day is enough for visitors to witness its awesome size, but visiting Tel Moreeb about an hour before sunset is the most recommended time to see it, as the amber hue of the sunset reflecting off this sand makes the sand dune look even more breathtaking. As such, this is also the best time for taking photographs of the mighty Moreeb Dune. Tel Moreeeb is also the site of many 4x4 and bike competitions, and also features in the prestigious UAE Desert Challenge.


Liwa Date Festival

The Liwa Date Festival is one of those events that you simply must visit. Dates, the fruit of the desert, has been a symbol of Arabic perseverance, culture and heritage since the ancient days, and at the Liwa Date Festival the date industry and dates, as a fruit, are celebrated on a grand scale. Held annually during the month of July, the Liwa Date Festival generally includes exhibitions, cultural shows, competitions, and many other exciting things!