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Classic French Pastries You Can Enjoy - Crispy, Buttery Goodness!

Love French food? Who doesn't? It's one of the most popular cuisines in the world! So here's a list of the 05 classic French pastries that you must try out if you're a French foodie.



This is undoubtedly the Queen of all French pastries. Crispy and light on the outside and buttery, soft on the inside, the delicious pastry called croissants are actually a delicacy that originated in Austria in the year 1839 and became so popular that the French started to make their own version of it called the Kipferl. It is this Kipferl that is the modern day croissant that we have come to relish. Croissants are the ultimate tea time snack and it doesn't matter whether you're having it at a quaint patisserie near the Eiffel tower or even in the middle of a desert at a luxury hotel in Dubai the likes of the Desert Palm PER AQUUM; it will always feel so right. Croissants originally were made quite plain, but throughout the years, they have been given a variety of upgrades from being covered in crunchy nuts like almonds to succulent croissants filled with cream cheese, custard or chocolate.


Spinach and Bacon Tart

You probably already know now, thanks to Popeye, that spinach is really good for you. So, combine it together with bacon, one of the best things on this planet, cook them together a la French style, and you get- absolutely delicious spinach and bacon tart! This is one of the most elegant yet heartiest of French breakfast dishes, but you can choose to have it for lunch or dinner as well. The tart is made from fresh spinach, chopped bacon and traditionally, three types of cheese! And to finish it off, the spinach and bacon tart is usually served alongside Belgian waffles and strawberry sorbet!


Quiche Lorraine

Looking good just as it tastes good, the Quiche Lorraine is a mouth-watering pie that hails from the mountainous region of Lorraine in France's north, hence the name. This is a rich egg pie that is quite filling to be a meal itself. Though it was originally created as a humble bacon and custard pie, the Quiche Lorraine has gained more ingredients like egg and cheese, to be the scrumptious pie it is today.


Roquefort and Caramelized Onion Tart

At first glance, this tart would deceive you to think that it contains boring flavours with its rather plain appearance. But, once you sink your teeth into this tantalizing tart, you will realise that it presents a range of complex flavours that are oh so pleasing to your taste. This classic Roquefort and caramelized onion tart comprise of a flaky pastry shell that has spicy cheese, sweet onions, eggs and rich cream. A sensational variation of this comes with the addition of blue cheese.


Sundried Tomato and Asparagus Tart

Baked to a delicious, crisp perfection, the sundried tomato and asparagus tart is simply a beauty! Inside the delightful tart is a wonderful mix of ingredients ranging from eggy custard to roasted vegetables and of course, that signature, French topping of cheese.