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Some of the Best Places in Tianjin – The Most Essential of Tianjin Attractions

Tianjin is one of the most unique places in the world, especially from an architectural perspective since many nations such as the UK, the US, Russia, France and Japan have all left their mark here.


The Astor Hotel Site

Tianjin has become quite a popular tourist destination nowadays with many a choice of accommodation such as a Tianjin service apartment from providers such as Somerset Olympic Tower Tianjin. One of the earliest and most famous hotels in Tianjin is the Astor Hotel which now serves as a museum. The earliest incarnation of it was built in 1863 by a Pastor or British origin, John Innocent who had it constructed in the traditional English style in brick and wood. It was initially no more than cottage and eventually grew in size of a hotel. Within the present establishment you can now see examples of the earlier décor and designs as well as China's very first elevator.


The Five Great Avenues

Situated on the southern side of down-town Tianjin, this is a great place to experience more of the city's colourful past. Here you can find more than two-hundred beautiful preserved examples of vintage Chinese architecture. There are various modest houses to see as well as lavish abodes that were built for privileged people with some of European origin. This is a great place to experience first-hand the smorgasbord of cultural influences Tianjin has in a single place and it works as a kaleidoscope of different architecture.


The Hai River

This integral waterway starts off near the King Bridge in Beijing and rolls through Tianjin, and has a total length of seventy kilometres before it meets the ocean at Da Gukou. This river is quite notable because by travelling along it you can experience some of the most breathtaking architecture that Tianjin has to offer; as it is an arterial river. Most of the captivating old town is situated along its banks.


Pleasant Memories Celebrity Teahouse

The interesting name of this teahouse comes from the fact that is used as a performance venue by a great variety of acts. The nature of these acts can involve anything and is similar to a cabaret that has been localised to include Chinese characteristics. There are performances three times a day and you never know who you might run into, hence the 'celebrity' aspect. There are two branches of Pleasant Memories, a bustling and lively one on Ancient Culture Street and one that offers a more authentic experience at Xinhua Road. Each of these places are renowned for their traditional snacks and souvenirs.


Kissling Restaurant

What better way to conclude a day of exploring a unique and intriguing city than by sampling its various foods? One of the most highly recommended places to indulge in fine local food is the Kissling Restaurant where you can find a whole range of local delights under one roof. Kissling is a four storey with each floor respectively featuring a bakery, a buffet restaurant, a restaurant with a bar, and even a separate French restaurant situated on the fourth floor. This is a one-stop destination where you can experience the world of Tianjin cuisine.

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