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Things to take on a hiking trip - because you can never be too prepared

Bhutan is a naturally beautiful country and one of the best ways to experience it is on a hiking trip. To make sure you're fully prepared, here are a few essentials you'll need to take with you.


Map and compass

When you are out alone in the wilderness, it is easy to lose track of direction and, even get lost completely. A well detailed map and compass are a must on any hiking trip, especially if you don't know the area well. Make sure your map is covered in a waterproof, transparent material to protect it from the elements.make sure you don't lose your compass by keeping it tied either around your neck or secured to your backpack. With these two in hand, you can always find your way along the trail.


Safe drinking water

Don't even think of hiking without a bottle of water. Whatever you feel thirsty on not, your body needs water. When you are hiking, your body is losing moisture and you need to replenish it often. Always carry a full water bottle with you and avoid drinking from natural water. Although it may look fresh, it can contain a number of parasites. If you know there are long breaks between safe drinking water and you are required to drink natural water, make sure to carry water purification tablets to purify the water before consuming it.


Food and dry snacks

Your body with be burning a lot of energy during your hike and you will need to eat every few hours to make up for it. Make sure you pack meals that are full of calories and protein to boost your energy. Protein bars, fruit, dried meat, trail mixes and even candy bars, will all help to keep you energised throughout your journey. Make sure whatever you pack will keep for hours and is lightweight so you won't exert too much energy carrying it.


Medical supplies

In most cases, serious injuries during a hike a rare, but there are plenty of smaller injuries that if not treated correctly, can become serious, or at least make you feel wretched. Stay ready for anything by learning the basics when it comes to bandaging, and treating cuts before you set out; then make sure to carry a first aid supply pack so that you can deal with any ailment along the way.


Tents and gear

Whether it's a two-day hike or two weeks, it is always best to be prepared for the unexpected. Weather is unpredictable, and you will need to protect yourself during any situation. Make sure you wear a waterproof insulated jacket or a full rain suit to keep you dry. Good hiking shoes and thick socks will support your feet during the long hike. In addition, a small, but sturdy tent is always useful - It won't hold a candle to the comforts of a Bhutan luxury hotel, such as the COMO Uma Paro, but it will provide shelter from the elements.



Fire is essential to keep you warm, cook food and even signaling for help when in need. You will need to carry some kind of equipment to start a fire like waterproof matches or a flint, and some tinder to keep it going. In addition, if you are lighting fires, do be mindful to clear out the embers by covering them with earth before you leave to ensure the fire is put out safely.