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21st Century 7th-Grade Learners

Lesson Plan: Principles of Leadership: What Makes a Strong Leader? | The Principal Story | POV | PBS

Classrooms can use this lesson plan and its companion website resources to explore the nature of leadership. This plan is designed to be used with the film, The Principal Story, which follows the activities of both a veteran and a novice school principal during the course of a school year allows students to explore and analyze the nature of leadership. Activities include writing prompts, discussion, and a written leadership analysis on a famous person or someone the student knows. Extensions and adaptations are provided at the end of the lesson.

Lesson Plan Booster: Digital Literacy and Online Ethics

"Students will gain digital literacy (media literacy, information literacy) skills by considering the human and legal consequences of poor choices others have made online. Students will recognize that even when online expression is protected by the First Amendment, it still can result in legal consequences. Students also will discuss the concepts of netiquette and cyber ethics and then brainstorm a set of guidelines for appropriate online behavior" (Tomaszewski, 2011). Activities include discussion, research, case studies, and an essay with student chosen topic.

In today’s society, with the abundance of electronic devices that keep students and adults ever so occupied and isolated, communication skills have never been more important and necessary. This lesson and activities strive to teach students the characteristics necessary for effective communication skills in various aspects of their lives in a fun and interactive way, using a variety of techniques. Activities included Kahoot, documentaries, identifying and analyzing, videos, written assignments, and discussions.

PHSE Full lesson powerpoint Emotional Intelligence

This is a PHSE Full lesson powerpoint is on Emotional Intelligences. The lesson encourages students to work together in groups and to make joint decisions.

educational tools

Students will review data about a fictional town, and develop a plan to establish a new business based on this data. Students consider what products or services are already being offered and identify opportunities for a new business. Students will research and analyze data from Georgia.

Why Are We Doing This- Defining Global Citizenship

Why Are We Doing This- Defining Global Citizenship is a lesson plan that provides students to pull from background knowledge on what it is, what it means to them, and how does it apply today. There is also an activity section for defining global citizenship.

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The lesson includes a Six-Step Problem-Solving Process as an easy approach to dealing with issues and problems that students face. Student will learn the six steps in depth and then apply the steps in different scenarios.

Interactive Activities To Introduce Teamwork Skills

The lesson provides an opportunity for students to define team work. The students will do a variety of activities to determine what skills are needed for an effective team as well as how to use those skills to solve problems at work.