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Updated by Lauren Lowder on Jun 06, 2017
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Technology Trends

This is a technology trend list revolving around three topics including 1:1 Chrome Books in classrooms, Apps that are becoming more popular in education, and behavior related to all the new technology in schools.

This resource shows how Chrome Books can be used for student collaboration, and not only students in the same classroom, but students globally. It suggested pen pals, but I could see many uses for this spread across many different classes and grade levels.

This podcast discusses how an app works with a thermometer. The person can input symptoms, images, medications, etc. The point is that this thermometer gives the user immediate satisfaction by tracking and gathering data. People can see if the same symptoms for others are going on in their same area they are living. The speaker was discussing how people mine the internet for information based on what they are experiencing. She used health as an example, but with students, this could range to all different things they are experiencing and how what they gather information from the technology they're using (like twitter) and how their behavior changes.

As a special educator, many of my students struggle with typing. On Chromebook EDU on Google+, there is a post suggesting using Read and Write for Chrome. It is free and is an extension of the app for people to voice type instead of using the keyboard.

This is a blog entry offering different reading applications students of all ages can have access to. Some of these reading apps I was aware of, but some are completely new and so great! I will say most are free to join, but some have a cost, or require a cost to 'upgrade' the app to get more materials.

In the Chromebook EDU on Google+, a person posted inquiring if anyone knew of ways for students with no internet access at home to have access to articles online while at home. There is a way! People suggested an app called Pocket. The app puts the article, or whatever is online, into a PDF and the students can have access to it at home on their Chrome Book.

A suggestion posted on Google+ in the teaching tab suggests to teach students about Google and all it has to offer with drive and classroom by viewing the following link It shows clips the teacher can walk through with the students to familiarize them with google on their chromebooks.

This is a news article I found on Google+ that discusses the growth of Chrome Books in the classrooms and the 1:1 of students with Chrome Books. Students can connect from their Google apps on their devices to the Google apps on their Chrome Books. They are connected at all times. The article discusses how all these connections are the 'father of the Google apps.' The article also discusses how devices are the new way of learning and teaching. Students will be headed in the direction of a '2 -in- 1,' which means that students will have their device and their notebook all in one.

This entry on Google+ gives helpful ways to incorporate videos into teaching using the 1:1 Chrome Books. He discusses what to do, what not to do, what to take advantage of, adding assessing, video editing while teaching, and engagement.

Other than just creating a Google form or an assessment attached to Google Classroom, there are many other resources out there to create assessments students can take on their 1:1 Chrome Books.

This article discusses the positives in student engagement and learning skills because of the 1:1 Chrome Books in classrooms.