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Updated by pau-luha on Jun 04, 2017
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5 Gadgets That Will Impress Your Friends

Have you ever wondered, what will it take to impress that special somebody? or may just friends or people you hang out with. So here it is, 5 thing that will definitely impress whoever you want to impress.

Folding Wallet Credit Card Knife

Could you imagine making a knife out of a credit card? thats exactly what this cool credit card knife is. You put it in a wallet's credit card slot and its only as thick as 2 cards, really awesome gadget. So you tell me, would it not impress you if your friends pulls out what appears to be a red card and makes a pretty firm blade out of it.

Fan for iPhone

Imagine on a hot day you pull something out like this? where phone battery is not a problem but no wind is, pull out one of these phone fan gadgets and your fine! not only fine but surely will impress anyone especially people there with you who are mentally melting from the physical heat lol...

The Game-Changing Suitcase with Integrated Shelves!

This goes without saying anything really... If you dont get impressed as you see something like this then there is something wrong with you lol

Secret Paddle Bev Brush

having a brush as a secret flask is not only impressive but just pure awesome. Picture all those place where alcohol is prohibited.. well.. not more! HAHA!!! well of course it doesnt have to be alcohol for you to smuggle it.. but im pretty sure thats what most of this gadget owners smuggle.

Pen Carve Hand Tool Kit |

Well this gadget may not be impressive itself BUT what you can do with it will definitely impress anyone, i mean who wouldnt want to crave something on a any wood, glass or palstic, even is some cases a rock,