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Top 5 Underrated Kids Activities in Gold Coast – Lesser Known Family Attractions

Gold Coast is a top tourist destination in Queensland, Australia While there are many kids activities in Gold Coast, the following are some that haven't gotten the credit they deserve.


Visiting Tamborine Mountain

Visiting Tamborine Mountain

By Shiftchange (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

The hinterlands of Gold Coast, despite their breathtaking natural beauty and lush green scenery, are definitely not as popular as coastal areas of Gold Coast.

Due to this reason, these secluded and beautiful areas are great spots of going to with your family. Tamborine Mountain is one of the more popular areas in the hinterlands of Gold Coast for a family picnic, as it is peaceful, beautiful and safe for kids too.

With vast areas of forest to explore and the occasional stream of sparking water, exploring Tamborine Mountain and the areas around it truly is amongst the most underrated kids activities in Gold Coast.

In addition to Tamborine Mountain being a great destination in itself, it is also located close by to the Guanaba Park, known for its large play areas. 🍃🌿


The Rockpools

The Rockpools

Rabs003 , The Rock Pool, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Rockpools is the perfect place to take your family and kids if you want to enjoy the afternoon cooling off in water and pools.

The Rockpools, located in Southport, is large designated park area within which the main element is water.

At this park you will find plenty of shallow pools suitable for young children as well as an array of fountains and differently shaped sculptures and statues that spray water in all sorts of directions, thus adding an element of fun and frolic to the park.

The park is a great place to cool off on a warm day, and you can be assured that your kids are going to love making a splash! The truly great thing about The Rockpools is that admission is absolutely free and, as such, is one of those attractions that must be in your itinerary to make your stay in Gold Coast the best vacations with kids. 🏊🚣


Carrarra Markets

Carrarra Markets

Alpha from Melbourne, Australia, Australian and Pan-Asian crafts 2 - Carrara Market (2570461610), CC BY-SA 2.0

The Carrarra Markets are vibrant, colorful, and constantly buzzing with activity. Centrally located in the suburb of Carrarra, this bustling market spreads over 500 acres and, at any given time, has close to 500 stalls in operation. 🏺🛍

The market is a great place to buy all sorts of traditional Australian crafts and other homemade items.

You may have second thoughts taking your kids to a market, but the fact of the matter is that the Carrarra Markets are full of fun entertaining, including but not limited to merry-go-rounds, street performance and buskers, face-painting stalls, game stalls, and trampolines too.

Thus, your kids are sure to have a fun time at this vibrant market. It is, however, advisable to avoid going during peak hours, as the crowds might be too much for your kids, especially if they are quite young.

For more information on the Carrarra Markets you can check out sites such as The Family Travel Blog or check out its online reviews.


The Currumbin Rock Pools

The Currumbin Rock Pools

mihitha, Currumbin Rock Pools - panoramio, CC BY 3.0

The Currumbin Rock Pools are a not-so-popular attraction that many locals prefer to keep amongst themselves.

As the name suggests, this attraction is home to some blissful and beautiful rock pools. Located just 25 minutes from Southport, the main attraction at the Currumbin Rock Pools is the central pool, which is regarded as a favorite amongst kids and teens, especially since it is a great place to try out a cannon ball! With its natural beauty and blissful ambiance, the Currumbin Rock Pools are well worth visiting. 🏊🚣


Gold Coast Playgrounds

Gold Coast Playgrounds

Wikisid, Laguna de Woody CAP, CC BY 3.0

Gold Coast has many great playgrounds many of which hardly get much attention.

For example, Laguna Park on Palm Beach is known for being a safe place of kids with plenty of playground equipment, and the Pacific Pines Central Park is a vast playground with open spaces and playing equipment to suit kids of all ages. 🏃👪

Other great playgrounds in Gold Coast include Washington Waters in Southport, Ed Hardy Park on Kelly Avenue, and Pratten Park on Old Burleigh Road.

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