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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Beach Photography Tips – Getting That Perfect Shot

While most beach photographs will look good due to the beautiful backdrops of a coastline, there's nothing like getting that shot just right; here are some tips that can help.


Choosing the right time

Timing is everything not only in life and love, but also in beach photography! Early mornings and evenings are generally great times for taking pictures; then there is the added advantage of capturing the sun which lends a magical quality to any picture. If you happen to be staying along the east coast, plan to get up early so you can witness a sunrise. The advantage for those staying on the west coast, say for example in Sri Lanka, is that you can witness gorgeous sunsets. Negombo hotels by the beach such as Heritance Negombo give you the chance to catch such striking images and enjoy photography when the landscape is bathed in an ethereal glow.


Finding the right point of interest

Also known as a focal point, the point of interest of a shot can radically change the perspective of a shot. General landscape shots of beaches or the horizon are nice enough but they are a dime a dozen. What really will make a shot stand out is finding that special feature, one that is unique or tells a story in a way. Sometimes it can be a simple shot that one may not think about, but can make for a wonderful beach photograph; a picture of a paw print beside a footprint in the sand, a sand castle framed against a sinking sunset, a seagull in search of food, a close up of a child's ecstasy as a wave rushes in are all great shots that tell a story in themselves.


Getting the right exposure

When not in the early hours of the morning or during dusk when the sun is setting, beach photography can be a bit tricky because there is an abundance of light. Too much sun which leads to too much exposure can ruin a shot. Ideally, you have to look to reduce the exposure at such times and depending on your camera you can do so to get better pictures. Conversely, as night falls and there is less light, you can look to increase the exposure thereby increasing the likelihood of capturing a better and brighter shot. Of course, this takes practice and getting used to; the great thing about the digital age of photography is that gone are the days when you have to wait for prints to be developed in order to see what you have taken and rather can view results then and there itself!


Selecting the right spot

There are plenty of vantage points along the beach for you to choose from. Look to find one that offers an interesting backdrop or a place that provides a captivating angle; this can be a long shot or a close up. Finding the right spot can be in a crowded area if you are looking to get shots of people engaged in beach activities or a more secluded part of the shoreline where you have the freedom to move around and frame your perfect beach photograph.