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Automative Tips Advice

About Car Tyre Pressure and Routine Maintenance

Car Tyre Maintenance Tips - Complete details of car tyre pressure and maintenance services, we have covered most of the topics that will help.

Different Types of Car Tyres: Everything You Need to Know

It’s important to know what types of car tyres are best suitable for your car. Read all details you should know about different types of car tyre.

Most Common Car Alternator Problem Symptoms

Know what is alternator in car and what most common car alternator problem symptoms are and tips on how to prevent alternator problems.

Car Tyre Size and Types for Better Car Performance

Car tyre make great impact on overall look of car, when modifying car and changing car tyre follow these instruction for better performance.

Types of Lead Acid Batteries | Swift Battery Specialist

Refer this article where we have managed to cover most of the information that you would like to know about batteries and it usages.

How We and How To Change A Car Battery | Swift Battery Specialist

The most essential yet overlooked part of any car is the Car Battery. The purpose of car battery is to kick start the engine in every atmospheric condition whether it is cold, hot or wet. The sad part of the car batteries is until it is properly charged and in good condition, most people do not regularly check or service the battery which is actually ideal to enhance its life. Being a silent member of the car’s automotive team, which does not demand much, people tend to take it for granted. One needs to understand that everything has a limited life and so is the car battery. The average life span of any car battery is 3-7 years depending on the type, model and usage. Along with the servicing of car on regular basis, the car battery should also be checked so that it does not lose its strength. So, how would you know whether your car battery needs a change or recharging?

How To Fix The Hole In Your Car Tyre by Yourself?

Follow step-by-step instructions to fix hole in car tyres properly by yourself. Includes information about checking for tyre damage.

Top 5 Key Benefits of Investing In High Quality Car Battery

Choosing the right battery will not only save but also offer lot many benefits which we have listed here for clear understanding.

Top 10 Things You Must Ensure Before Taking a Long Road Trip

If you are planning a long road trip then here is a piece of advice and few things that you should ensure so that the journey is smooth and enjoyable.

When, Where and How To Get Car Battery Replacement in Singapore?

Know when, where and how to get car batter replacement in Singapore. Also this article includes several considerations which ensure long battery life.

The Danger Of Doing Car Battery Jump Start Yourself

We provide 24hrs car battery jump start service. If your car battery faulty or dead, call us on +65 8858 9959 for fast and affordable jump start service.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Common Starting Problems in Cars | Swift Battery Specialist

A list of the basic and general car starting problems and advice to fix these issues yourself using basic techniques and tools without any specialist help.

Car Tips & Expert Advice to Keep running Longer and Maintain

Want to know how to keep your vehicle at it's best? keep reading our exerts article about car battery, car tyre care and repairs and advice on car maintenance to save time and money.

Reputable and Trusted Brand and Guaranteed Cheap Car Battery Price

Trust to help you make the best purchasing decision. If you want to buy a car battery then here we will help you to choose Cheap and Car Battery.

Procedure to Diagnose and Perform Car Tyre Puncture Repair

Let's checkout Here's how to perform a car tyre repair with a combination patch. By using the following steps you can check your tyre for any leaks and determine the location of the puncture.

How to Diagnose Your Car Tyre Problems and Tips to Maintain It

Based on the common car tyre queries, problems faced by car owners, we have listed some of the common car tyre problems and solutions which you can diagnose beforehand and use the tips to enhance its life.

Essential Car Battery Maintenance Safety Tips and Techniques

Read our blog and get idea for car Battery maintenance and tips to enhance car and battery life. It will also help you to avoid the extra expense of servicing.

24/7 Car Battery Jump Start Service in Singapore - Singapore, Other Countries - Best Free Classified Ads

Are you stuck with car battery? Don't worry call to Swift Battery Specialist. We offer professional car battery replacement and jump start service. Our mechanics are equipped with all latest and required equipment and are expert in car battery jump start and replacement.

How to Save Your Car Battery from Getting Drained While You Are On Long Travel

Car battery is most important element in car but sometime it getting drained because lack of maintenance. Here are we shared some of the major points which you would like to follow to save the car battery from getting drained while you are on long travel.

Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Car Battery from the Summer Heat

We love the summer! But in this season there is high probability of car battery being damaged. That’s why here we are including 7 way to protect your car battery from the summer heat.

Cold Climate or Old Car, Learning to Jump Start Your Car

In cold climate, if your car battery is dead on the way and not understand about how to jump start then learn here. we included some step that can help for easily jump starting your car.

A Guide to Changing Your Car’s Flat Tyre

We truly get to understand the significance of tyres when we suffer a puncture. Here we are Guiding to you how to changing your car’s flat tyre.

Difference between Hybrid and Normal Car Batteries

Every people has a question that what's Difference between Hybrid and Normal Car Batteries? Here we're tell you the difference between both batteries. know more details read blog.

24hrs car battery replacement and installation services provider in Singapore

Having problem in your car battery? Want to replace car battery? Contact to Swift battery, offering 24hrs car battery replacement and installation services in Singapore. Also provides car tyre puncture repair and jump start services at competitive rates. For more details, call on us at 8858 9959.

A Guide to Changing Your Car Battery

If your car doesn't start it might be due to your battery is dead. Here we mention 9 steps that can guide to you for how to changing your car battery.