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Ethical Use in the 21st Century

A collection of resources that will help high school students
develop an awareness of the guidelines and ethical behaviors when using information retrieved from the internet.

Digital Etiquette

In this video, students will learn about Digital Etiquette that is necessary to communicate with other with respect and courtesy.
You also have follow-up activities and resources that can help reinforce the concept of Digital Etiquette.

Computer Ethics

This is a website filled with information about Ethical uses of information on the net

Digital Citizenship

This site has information on Ethics, Internet Safety, and Acceptable Use of information retrieved from the Internet.

Creative Commons

This is a website where students can find resources to use on their projects that are part of the Creative Commons domain.

Copyright & Plagiarism for Kids

PowToon video hat explains Plagiarism and copyrights of material posted on the web.

Research and Citation Resources

A website dedicated to helping students cite the sources that they have used in their projects. they have resources on MLA, APA, AMA and Chicago Manual.

Copyright and Fair Use Animation

Small video that describes what copyright and fair use are and why are they important to use.




This website offers resources to students about plagiarism and citing sources. Once inside the website you have a variety of resources, citation examples, links to helpful sites, webcasts and videos.

Copyright and Primary Sources Professional Development

A professional module that can be used by teachers to learn more about copyrights laws and uses. This interactive resource can help teachers develop awareness of the rules and guidelines of using material from the internet so they can teach their students.