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Peachtacular Home Health Care

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Ways to Ease Your Age-Related Back Pain

As you age, your spine may start feeling some pains. This leads many adults into losing their independence in doing the things they normally do. Even activities of daily living become very challenging tasks because of the pain they are feeling.

How to Make the Most out of Being with Your Grandparent

Many of us feel that being with our grandparents is awkward. Is this you, too? Well, the generation gap is so huge that we think there is nothing we can say that will interest them. If it’s not that, then they may only talk about things that we will not be interested in.

Communicate with the Elderly: Questions to Start With

Communication is vital to our daily lives as it connects us to other people and our surroundings. Without it, a human relationship cannot survive and thrive. This is why Peachtacular Home Health Care, provider of Senior Home Care in Vancouver, values communication to nourish relationships. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to dive into a deep conversation with someone?

Overcoming the Challenges of Caring from a Distance

How often has the thought of your aging mom or dad crossed your mind today? Are they safe? Have they taken their medications? What had they eaten for breakfast?

2 Things I Learned Being a Caregiver to My Grandfather

Peachtacular Home Health Care, a provider of Home Health Care in Vancouver, BC, understands that many families are thrust into situations where they need to become caregivers every single day.

6 Tips: How to Ensure Safety While Using Wheelchairs

Mobility issues can be a real struggle for seniors, especially in the late aging years. As the years pass, their strength and mobility decline, and these realities can affect their disposition, mood, and even their quality of life. For this reason, using mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, has been a great comfort and relief for many senior adults.

Caregiving Lessons: What I Learned from My Aunt

As a widow, daughter, and mom of three, my Aunt is the epitome of a strong woman. However, I have never been more amazed by her strength than when she started caring for my Grandma, their elderly mother.

6 Top Tips to Care for Grandparents When They Have Breathing Problems

Are you caring for a senior family member with breathing difficulties at home? It’s part of the natural life process that when we approach the aging years, health issues arise. Breathing problems are just one of these issues. While our team can help you provide quality Home Health Care in Vancouver, BC, there are also other vital steps you can take to preserve their health at home.

Ultimate Guide: How to Keep a Senior Loved One Safe When Using the Bathroom

While we can have the peace of mind that our aging loved ones are safe with us at home, we also can’t deny that fall risks are also common in this same place. One of the riskiest places for our elderly loved ones is in the bathroom. Not only do they need to use it, but the bathroom floors can also get easily wet and slippery.

Top 5 Medication Issues That Your Granny May Be Struggling With

Aside from ensuring that our aging loved ones are taking their medications just as the doctor instructed, it’s also vital for us to know if they’ve been facing some issues with their medications. You have to pay careful attention to every new prescription that your Granny is having so that you can promptly relay this with their healthcare provider.

Taking Care of Your Aging Parents

As a baby, our parents gave us everything: love, care, and an amazing life. They sacrificed so much for us so that we can grow up to do what we want and to find success. However, as our parents grow older, they will need us to return the favor and make sure that they are getting the care they need. Here are some great tips that you can use to make sure you are providing your parents with the best care possible, no matter what!

7-Point Guide to Ask the Doctor After a Senior Loved One Has a Falling Accident

In the late aging years of your beloved seniors, their risks for accidental falls can get higher. While you can always find ways to ensure they’re safe and well at home, such as getting providers of Senior Home Care in Vancouver to keep watch over them, accidents may still not be stopped.

Making Sure Your Elderly Parent Is Safe at Home

Safety is and should always be a top priority when it comes to deciding the best way to provide care for your elderly parent. Especially if your senior loved one would like to stay at home and receive care from there, it becomes absolutely necessary to make changes to the home and ensure it becomes a safe environment for them.

5 Things Your Parent with Dementia Wants You to Do

Seeing a loved one have to live with dementia can be extremely difficult to deal with. There are bound to be bouts of stubbornness, confusion, and resistance, and you may often find yourself confused as to how to address all of these in the best way possible. However, you should always remember that you are not alone in feeling this way, and don’t have to be alone in dealing with it.

Home Health Care at Peachtacular Home Health Care in Vancouver, BC

From the start Peachtacular Home Health Care (PHHC) has always attached its existence to the responsibility of service to the community. All this is for higher standards in home care delivery and to promote the general health of fellow residents in the counties and cities that we serve.

Taking Good Care Of A Loved One With Dementia

Taking care of a loved one with dementia may seem like a very frustrating task that can get emotional at times. Dementia is the broad definition of the deterioration of a person’s mental abilities, and as their condition gradually worsens it can terribly get in the way of their daily activities.

Get In Touch With Your Loved Ones And Show Them That You Care

It is understood that families have their own responsibilities that they need to attend to and that sometimes, these responsibilities keep us away from spending quality time with our families, most especially our senior loved ones who live away from us. If you are a family that takes care of your senior loved ones in the same house, you would understand the struggles that come with the responsibility in caring for them.

Home Health Staff at Peachtacular Home Health Care in Vancouver, BC

We provide an excellent home care management system. Our Personal Support Workers or Caregivers are supervised by a trained and well experience care manager in the field of community nursing. Our Caregiver Services are available 24/7 include holidays.

Home Health Services at Peachtacular Home Health Care in Vancouver, BC

Thank you for choosing Peachtacular Home Health Care (PHHC) as your non-medical home care provider. We look forward to making a positive impression in your daily lives at home.

8 Amazing Life Lessons Your Grandparents Want You to Know

Grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond. Aside from grandparents spoiling their grandchildren with love, they also give the best pieces of advice. Peachtacular Home Health Care collects some of these bits of wisdom.

Benefits of Regular Exercises: Age Should Not Be Problem

You have probably got reminders from your doctor to exercise. However, you don’t think it is necessary in the golden years. The thing is, regardless of your age, exercise provides many benefits to your overall health and well-being.


Home Health Services in Metro Vancouver - Talk to us about Respite Care, Personal Care and Dementia Care by calling 778-859-2695.

Mobility Assistance: Lending a Helping Hand to Your Aging Loved Ones

Issues with mobility are prevalent among seniors. They often challenge these individuals in living their daily lives comfortably. Most of the time, aging adults will require assistance from other people, such as their loved ones or even providers of home care services in Vancouver to get around the house and fulfill chores.

CompassionateClient Centred Home Care

Many of people are well-educated in First Aid Treatment, but did you know there is a separate treatment for the elderly? Of course, it is understandable that the elderly have different needs than us and that they are part of a smaller number of people in our society. They are some of the most vulnerable and they need utmost care and attention when they are in pain or in distress. To give proper care to the elderly, you don’t need special knowledge other than the basics of first aid (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR).

Improving the Quality of Life of the Elderly and How You Can Contribute

Not many realize the important role they play in the lives of other people. Some people may consider you the best person they’ve ever met and some may also consider you the worst. But overall, we still create meaning in our relationships, whether we failed or succeeded, with the impact we place on other people.

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    We have always been compassionate towards the elderly population in our community. To us, they are heroes for having the passion to raise our generation, to impart their wisdom and guided us to become what we are today. Aging is a celebration – it is the proof of being a significant part of your family’s life and the growth of your children.

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    To give every elderly individual in the community the dignity they deserve by providing them with quality home care services and health management as they grow older into their golden years.

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    We strive to preserve the clients’ comfort at home. You or your family member can shorten hospital stays and continue recovery and/or treatment right where you live.

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