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Big Data

This magazine covers all the topics related to big data company.

Big Data in Banking Services: Advantages and Challenges

There are various factors that influence the decision of banking services of whether or not to integrate big data.

Can Hadoop and Enterprise Data Warehouse Go Hand-in-Hand? - TechiExpert

The introduction of Hadoop has brought about a major motivational revolution to the enterprise computing environments. The adaptability to Hadoop is growing day-by-day amid all types of business ventures.

Understanding How Big Data Streaming Analytics Aids A Business In Real-Time World

Today, an organization continuously receives data from a plethora of platforms, including machines, mobile devices, weather reports, social media feeds, telecommunication network devices and much more. This typically makes the organizations realize the value and importance of big data and streaming analytics in carrying out business operations. Streaming analytics, as quoted by many industrial experts, makes for an integral part of a predictive analytics ability that allows companies to access and analyze a spectrum of data streams in real time, while at the same time, comparing them with stored historical data.

Learn to Creatively Generate Leads from Your Old Contacts

Traditionally, sales people all over the world worked extremely hard to generate leads. The emerging technologies like big data combined with CRM solutions offer alternatives of generating leads. This blog will reveal how you can use old databases to generate new leads and interact meaningfully with your once-loyal clients.

A Precise Understanding of Trade Surveillance with Big Data

Being a buzzword, Big data have grabbed the attention of many industries and this technological hype has become crucial in many industries, especially in the financial sector. Today, financial markets are going through drastic changes....

Data Virtualization with Big Data

Organizations across the globe today are at a constant pressure of managing the three Vs of Big Data, namely volume, velocity, and value. Managing data in silos and ensuring data security is a serious concern. Sustainable development..

Top 7 Big Data Blogs to Follow For The Latest Trends

Bookmark these for the latest trends for big data development services, join their newsletter, because they are the most comprehensive and complete wraps of information available on the Internet.

The Worst Big Data Privacy Challenges and Risks

Big Data is engulfing industries at a rapid pace. On some fronts, jobs are becoming obsolete, and on some, new ones that demand better skills are being born. Amidst all the disruption in businesses and IT space...

These Influencers Know Big Data in and out- Know About Them

According to 2017 Waterford Technologies blog, 48 hours of new Youtube video is added every minute. The rise of Big Data can be fairly called unstoppable. With the skyrocketing advancements in the field....

Why Digital Transformation Fails

Digital Transformation is driving industries and businesses to change for the better. Organizations are embracing Technologies, utilizing data, and creating a better customer experience through their products and services tailor-made for their customers....

Apache Spark with Scala- Learning Path Decoded

When you are going back and forth on learning Big Data and Apache Spark, most of the resources on the Internet will point you towards Scala. The programming language has earned credits for itself lately and is the most talked about language in the Big Data arena....

The Big Data Trends That Will Affect AI in 2018

Significant changes loomed over the horizon as we entered the new year almost a month back now. Technology had begun disrupting industries in 2017 and is only making its point more clear now....