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Headline for Leisure Activities to be done near Kalutara -Mandatory visits in down south
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Leisure Activities to be done near Kalutara -Mandatory visits in down south

Kalutara is a beautiful sea coastal town in Sri Lanka that offers bliss and delight to all who visit. Being in Kalutara means, you are in for a hive of activities.


Watersport activities

The glistening waters that wash upon the golden shores of this town carries charming possibilities for those who wish to enjoy a time of great thrill. Many water sport fanatics take pleasure in delving into the friendly waters of Kalutara, where the winds are favourable and the weather is perfect for a good sport with the sea with the winds and sun keeping good company. You will be able to enjoy a variety of water sport activities such as snorkelling, swimming, jet skiing, diving and surfing in this city and the neighbouring towns. If you are planning to visit Kalutara to indulge in water sport activities, ensure that the time you visit is tight. You will have to select a time and season that the weather is dry and the seas are calm. Therefore a visit made during the winter season is best.


Richmond Castle

Built in Kalutara at the turn of the century, the Richmond Castle is a colonial grand mansion built in a green landscape. Standing majestically atop a hill, this mansion occupies a total of 42 acres and once served as a circuit Bungalow for high ranking officers of the British administrative service. Though the building today has undergone a lot of changes, you can still see the remains of colonial architecture here. The exterior of the building is based on an Indian Moghul's palace. The staircase and the banquet hall still give some look to the building where the majesty is gradually fading.


Bask in the beaches

Being a coastal city in Sri Lanka, Kalutara flaunts some of the most exquisite golden sanded beaches that are perfect for swimming or simply relaxing. These sun-kissed shores boast fine golden sands that are ideal for those looking for a family vacation as well as those seeking a romantic getaway. The waters are warm and soothing and the picture as a whole is nothing short of perfect. If you are holidaying in Kalutara with the children, a visit to the Kalutara beach is an absolute must. This city is home to a good number of Kalutara hotels in addition to the endless fun, such as the Mermaid Hotel & Club.


Visit the Kalutara Bodhiya

One of the most venerated temples in Sri Lanka; the Kalutara Bodhiya is a scenic edifice in its own right due to its location on the shores of the Kalu River. Views of the Kalutara Bridge and the sea dominate the temple's line of vision as it is perched atop a 33m high premonitory. Constructed in the 1960's the temple is also home to a stupa which is hollow on the inside. The Bo tree located in the temple premises is believed to be one of the oldest Bo trees in the world.