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Updated by sha04thphillips on May 31, 2017
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How much do acrylic nails cost at a salon

Great looking nails are the basis of any outfit. Expert DIYers are easily able to achieve salon quality. But let’s face it, not many women can achieve great quality on their own. Nail technicians based at a salon have the expertise and experience to get you runaway nails in a short amount of time and on top of that, lasts the maximum period too


How to apply CND Scrubfresh and top it off with Perfect Formula Ruby Pink Gel coat for optical effects

here is nothing worse than applying great looking nail enhancements only for it to effortlessly lift and damage your natural nails. For this reason, taking care to expertly prep your natural nail plate will save you hours of mending time as well as preventing damage. Read More


Operation: CND Stickey VS Orly Bonder - Which is the better base coat

Now, that doesn’t mean that Orly Bonder doesn’t have its faults! We’d REALLY want the manufacturer to sort the staining issue out. Discoloration on your natural nails means that rocking naturals every now and then will not happen. Read More


5 of the best stick-on toenails and easily apply them without any hassle

When you’re looking for a quick fix to get your nails looking like a million bucks, then artificial stick-ons are just the thing! Stick-on toenails have not always been the favorite for many because of its short lifespan. Read More


4 of the best soak off gel polish for the second half of 2017 – This list is just as great as the first.(part 2)

When we did our previous post on the best soak off gel polish for 2017, we realized that there were so many awesome soak off gel polishes out there. With so many companies that are eager to satisfy clients with regards to high quality nail products, meant that we get to have extra fun in having to try out all these little items. Read More


The best soak off gel polish removal tools for 2017

It is imperative that you have all the tools available before you begin. Make sure that your hands and nails are clean especially from oil that can make them extra slippery. Once you’ve taken each step and are happy with your removal, you can decide if another coat of polish is what you want or if you’re going to rock your natural nail for a short while to give your nails a breather. Read More


8 nail gifts that will make this Mother’s day extra special

Mother’s day is a holiday that is observed every year with the intention of showing appreciation towards mothers all over the world. Appreciation is shown by giving tokens of love represented by greeting cards, clothing, and appliances or just about anything that your mom would love. Read More


6 of the best color changing soak off gel polish for 2017 that will change your mood

The best soak off color changing gel polish for 2017 are fun, vibrant and changes color! Have you ever wondered could the nail art industry get any better? Well, it did and continuously will evolve with mind blowing concepts such as mood changing gel nail polish. Read More


3 of the best soak off gel nail polish that are not so famous, but actually works.

We are fanatically gaga over soft gel nails. Not only do they look a little more natural, they are cost effective too. But our adoration doesn’t end with that, using the best soak off gel nail polish is one of the easiest ways to get your nails looking like you’ve just stepped out of a salon – even if you’ve been using your living room instead. Read More


4 of the best nail treatment for peeling nails caused by fungi

Healthy nails are the basis of great looking hands and feet. The moment nasty critters like fungus wreaks havoc on your nails, you speedily have to start looking for treatments that eliminates them… And fast! We choose products that contain natural ingredients and that actively works at eliminating the cause (fungus) rather than trying to cover up the nails with enhancements. Read More