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Updated by Kaili Kleemeier on May 31, 2017
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100+ marketing must-have tools and resources

There are hundreds, if not thousands of blog posts summarizing tools and blogs to follow, but none you can contribute to.

At Deekit, we have collected a long list of tools and resources that we love and use. We have open-sourced our list and we’re inviting all of you to jump in – add your favorites, share your thoughts and feedback.

Places to submit / Share content

Ever created amazing #content and kept on wondering how and where to share it? We've put together a massive collection of resources to help you out with the quest - grouped by types of content and where it's best to be shared.

Best Marketing resources to answer all your questions

We have compiled a list of company blogs, blogs focusing on particular topics, such as SEO, social media marketing and much more. So whenever you are stuck with a particular topic, just look for the right group :)

Tools for link building

Mastering the skill of link building is no longer a dark art. it’s important to plant seeds for your brand all over the web and in fact, it’s a necessary part of any marketing strategy in 2017. Here's a big collection of resources to help you with everything related to link building.

Best SEO Tools

As much as link building is a part of any content strategy, you should be getting your SEO optimization in order. This stuff is pretty laborious if you go it alone, so luckily for you (and our marketing team), there are some awesome tools out there to get the research done, fast.

SEO resources

Learn how to test your site speed and performance, page ranking across different search engines, how to improve keywords – welcome to SEO heaven.

Tools for keyword analysis

Do you know which keywords you should be targeting for your business? They shape your paid advertising, content and overall brand messaging so they’re important to know.

Marketing analytics and monitoring

We love data. All types of it we find interesting, but this board is for the marketing geeks out there. Analytics and metrics are one of the most important aspects to improve your marketing efforts and growth. Find the right approach to setting KPIs and measuring everything to building beautiful dashboards.

Tools for competitive analysis

Everyone wants an edge on the competition. It’s important to do some competitive analysis to help you establish what makes your product or service unique, how to attract your target audience and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.