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WordPress Web Development Services

Web Development means developing a website for hosting via internet. It includes task like Web design, client-side/server-side scripting, Network security configuration, Web content development, and many more.


7 Best Plugins to Create Portfolio in WordPress

The plethora of WordPress portfolio plugins can help designers, photographers, and other creative artists to build beautiful portfolio websites in no time

7 WooCommerce Support Resources To Manage Your Store Efficiently |

We are listing some of the best WooCommerce support resources which can be accessed to get the best help. These solutions mentioned here are ideal for beginners as well as professional developers. Let’s go through the best features of each one of them.

Wordpress Website and Plugin Development Services

HirewpGeeks is a Wordpress Website Development company which can provide you best wordpress plugin development services as it among one of the topmost offshore company from in United States. We offer services like wordpress website development, html to wordpress services, convert html site to wordpress, convert site to wordpress, convert drupal to wordpress, hire wordpress expert, wordpress theme customization, wordpress plugin development and wordpress custom plugin development.

4 Easy Steps To Disable PHP Execution In WordPress Directories

In this guide, we will show you how to deactivate PHP execution by using the .htaccess file. New users like those who convert PSD to WordPress theme may be unaware of this file. It is a key configuration file located in the root of most WordPress websites. The open-source CMS uses it to control the manner in which files are served from the Apache server. The most common task for which .htaccess is used is for generating permalinks. It can also be used for cache control, authorization, or to disable directory browsing. Let’s see how it can be used to disable PHP execution in WordPress directories.

  1. Connect To Your Website Through FTP

  2. Create The .htaccess File

  3. Upload The File Into The Folder

  4. Edit The .htaccess File

5 Best WooCommerce Quick View Plugins For Your Online Store | Hirewpgeeks

It is one of the most downloaded plugins in the WordPress universe. The existence of multiple stores means that entrepreneurs have to add new features to boost user engagement. Quick view is one such handy feature which allows shoppers to quickly see the details of a product without leaving the shopping page. In this post, we are presenting a list of some of the best WooCommerce quick view plugins which will enable owners to introduce the functionality on their stores.

WordPress Plugin Development: Building With React And Webpack

There are numerous people who are working as professional developers building all kinds of websites. A lot of professionals are involved in creating custom products like themes and plugins. There are various tools and scripts which are used to build these items. In this tutorial, we are discussing the plugin development method of building with React and Webpack. In fact, we will also be using ES6 and the Yarn package manager in the construction of the solution.

7 Top WordPress Bookstore Themes For Book selling Businesses

WordPress corners more than 60% of the CMS market share. A major reason for its immense popularity is its versatility. In this post, we are presenting a list of some of the best WordPress bookstore themes. These designs will help bookselling businesses to create a strong online presence and boost their profit. Users who are looking for customized solutions can hire a WordPress website development company to create a unique online bookstore. For more information visit our website.

3 Easy Steps To Set Up Multiple Domain Mapping In WordPress

A major reason for WordPress’ popularity is the convenience it offers to users. You do not need to write code or hire a professional for conducting many tasks. They can be easily done through plugins or simple tricks which are not too technical. One such task is to [set up multiple domain mapping in WordPress]( We will now discuss the process to set up multiple domain mapping in WordPress. Like most things in the CMS, this can also be done using a plugin. Following are the steps which you can use to conduct the process.

3 Easy Steps To Add Icon Fonts To WordPress Websites

WordPress provides you with numerous ways to enhance the visual appeal of an interface. There are numerous pre-built, attractive themes that you can use to build a website. This is a simple process for integrating font icons on your WordPress website. However, a large number of icons can bloat your website. The best way will be to outsource WordPress development work to professionals who will do the job efficiently.

A Simple Guide To Fixing GTMetrix Errors - Tech Me News

Many people, therefore, use tools like GTMetrix to analyze page speed performance in detail. In this article, we are providing some useful information about fixing GTMetrix errors. It will help in optimizing all the elements of the tool like Google Page Speed and YSlow. These are some simple solutions to common errors which occur during analyses with GTMetrix. Some issues like server-status errors can occur due to plugins. You must hire a custom WordPress plugin development to build personalized solutions for your interface. This will help in avoiding the problems.

Best PSD to WordPress Conversion Services

WordPress is a powerful as well as highly popular content management system which helps in the development of multi-functionality online portal. The needs of businesses are now evolving due to constant advancements in technology and the addition of new, improved strategies almost every new day. PSD to Wordpress conversion is one such technique that most businesses look for. For more information visit our website.

2 Quick Ways to Add Bing Maps To WordPress Websites

We are discussing the ways to add Bing Maps to WordPress websites. This will help visitors in easily finding a convenient route to your business’ physical location. We are presenting two methods for embedding the map in your interface. You can choose one which you find more convenient. We will now show the way to do the embedding with a plugin. People who have converted HTML to WordPress theme or migrated from other platforms will like this method as it does involve any coding.


WordPress is a powerful as well as highly popular content management system which helps in the development of multi-functionality online portal. we are presenting a list of some amazing hidden WordPress features which new users may be unaware of. These features are generally hidden from plain sight and are only know to professionals and experienced users.



WordPress is the go-to solution for building all kinds of websites. The platform is used not only by business operators but also by people looking to offer rich content to users. we are presenting a list of some of the best WordPress news aggregator themes. These pre-built templates will be ideal for users who run websites that gather their material from different sources. Did you convert HTML to WordPress theme to sell content on your website? Then this theme will be perfect for you. It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so that you can easily start an online store.

  1. WP-Drudge
  2. Newspaper
  3. News Pro
  4. MH Magazine
  5. Extra
  6. The Newswire
  7. PenNews
6 Quick Steps To Build A WordPress News Aggregator Website

The internet has become the primary source of information on all kinds of issues for people around the world. This simple process will enable you to easily create a news aggregator website on WordPress. However, many users do not possess the necessary technical know-how. They must hire a professional WordPress web development service to execute the project.

7 Top WordPress Form Builder Plugins To Boost Conversions

We are discussing the main features of some of the best WordPress form builder plugins. These tools will allow you to create forms which will encourage visitors to fill them and boost your interface's conversion rate. These form builder plugins will help you in designing effective forms that can drive conversions on your website. In case you do not feel confident about doing the work yourself, you can engage an agency which provides WordPress developers for hire.

3 Ways To Fix The Link You Followed Has Expired Error In WordPress

We are discussing how to fix the link you followed has an expired error. This problem occurs usually when people are looking to change their templates or install a new plugin. Let’s see how this issue can be resolved. These are simple ways which will help you solve the problem of the link you followed has expired error. You can also consult WordPress custom plugin development experts to know whether a tool will cause such issues while uploading or not.

Benefits of Wordpress Website Development | Hirewpgeeks

WordPress is an open-source web designing tools that offer quick and easy solutions in web development and It is a trusted CMS or blogging platform around the world, which is used by millions of developers. WordPress reduces web development time and allow companies to save money on website development. For more information visit our website.

A Simple Guide To Build A Dropshipping Store On WordPress

WordPress is an ideal platform for creating any kind of website. It is the first choice of millions of people worldwide looking to acquire a powerful business interface. We will discuss how you can build a dropshipping store on WordPress without any hassle. It will allow you to start a business quickly without spending too much money. You can simply create a dropshipping store by using the WooCommerce plugin. However, it will be better to hire a WordPress website development expert who possesses the requisite experience in creating online stores.

7 Best WordPress Automotive Themes for Websites

Themes are one of the most convenient features of WordPress. These pre-built templates contain the necessary pages and elements required for building a website. The open-source CMS has sorted these layouts in categories based on various industries and professions. Automobile business owners can use any of the pre-built templates discussed here to create a feature-rich website. Each layout is a good example of the efficient nature of custom WordPress theme development which provides users with such high-quality products.

6 Practical Tips To Become A Successful WordPress Developer

WordPress propels 34% of the total websites in the world. There are more than 3,500 themes and over 50,000 plugins available to its users. Becoming a successful WordPress developer will require loads of hard work and practice but it will establish you in a reputable profession. There are numerous people who claim to be professionals but few who can be called experts. Gaining expertise in the field will also help you earn more money. Let’s see how you can realize your dream of achieving success as a developer.

5 Steps To Create A WordPress Event Management Website

WordPress is one of the most convenient platforms for building websites. It provides you with readymade themes and plugins which help in creating an interface without needing to input any code. here we are discussing an easy way to create a WordPress event management website. It will help you with an interface that provides all the relevant details of the occurrence. Custom WordPress theme development has ensured that there are numerous templates that you can use to erect a framework of your website. Plugins, on the other hand, let users add new functionality to their websites.

7 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Services for Website Owners

WordPress is an open-source platform which is flexible enough to enable the creation of all kinds of websites. You can easily build a functional interface without spending even a single penny.
It is common for them to choose a cheap plan without checking the credentials of the service provider. They must consult their WordPress web development expert while selecting an agency so that they get access to high-quality and reliable services.

6 Reasons Why You Must Choose Premium WordPress Themes

6 Reasons Why You Must Choose Premium WordPress Themes

We are discussing why users must choose premium WordPress themes. Free designs are efficient but they simply cannot match up to the amazing qualities of paid layouts. Following are some strong reasons why you must opt for premium templates for your website:

Provide A Truly Unique Look
Give Access To Effective Support
Assurance Of Regular Updates
Offer Numerous Convenient Tools
Better Optimized For Search Engines
Cost-effective Solution In The Long Run

9 Insanely Fast WordPress Themes to Use In 2019

Do you know that website speed is used as a ranking signal by Google? It is also an important factor for ensuring a good user experience. We are listing some fast WordPress themes that you can use to build your website. All these pre-built templates contain all the necessary elements of modern interfaces like custom pages and social sharing buttons. It will be pertinent to hire a reputable WordPress web development company to ensure coding best practices are used to build an optimized interface.