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Consultancy Services Dubai

We provide a plethora of ISO consultancy services for you, it is possible for you to get your ISO certification in Dubai, UAE at the right time.

ISO Certification Services Dubai

Exsolution Offers one of the best exhaustive suites of ISO Consulting/Consultants/Certification Service to help the companies plan, monitor, improve and enhance their ISO Management System in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE


How Getting Certified With The ISO 14001 Will Help Your Organisation?

How Getting Certified With The ISO 14001 Will Help Your Organisation?

For an organisation to prosper, it needs to convince its customer base to purchase its products, and perhaps the most effective way of doing that is by showing the quality of the product, which will instill confidence in the customer. The quality of the product, almost all consumers will deduce, is dependent on the quality of the individual gears of the manufacturing organisation and is the sum total of all of these working in tandem. An informed consumer will have to be satisfied with the all the key aspects of a business – processes, procedures, functionalities, quality assurance systems, and the end product. If all these have adhered to quality, the consumer will put full faith in the company, and thereby increase profit and prosperity.

Then there must be a process by which you can inquire about the customers’ satisfaction, well; there isn’t. You cannot call every single customer and try to explain how your production occurs, and how it affects the end product. Indeed, this is practically impossible, and even more so vice-versa where customers have to visit your business organisation and see for themselves the quality of the product and processes involved in it. Therefore, experts from around the world have convened together to form the International Organisation for Standardisation who issue standards that are comprised of the highest pre-requisite for quality.


Here, we will demonstrate how the standard benefits the organisation by taking the example of a company.

Candy Cereal Corporation is a manufacturer supplying the world’s best variant of candy cereals. These manufacturers are well aware of the consumerist paradigm that is buying the highest quality product at the cheapest possible price.

As an organisation working in a country, they will have to abide by the laws of the land and ensure that there is absolutely harm done to the environment by the processes that they use for producing the Cereals. This is a requirement of not only the government of that region but also that of the consumers who are expecting the best products.

To comply with all the expectations and legislations, the company must change almost all of its processes. Therefore, it will require the framework that an ISO 14001 standard offers to those who want to get certified by it. This is the power of the ISO 14001, which is the way they can get the best out of their business process. In order for this company to get certified, there will need to get everything correct and perfect according to the clauses inside the standard stipulate.

The ISO 14001 has become a most respected standard that is sought after several companies across the globe. The standard needs to be abided by stringently and with continual improvement and only then can they see any real change in the customer confidence, but as long as they are having the ISO Hallmark, they will definitely get a significant reputation boost.

How to get ISO Certification

But now the questions remain as to the way which they can get the certification, now that they know the effects of the standard on the consumer. The best way to ensure a successful ISO 14001 Certification is to call upon the services of the people at various ISO certifications Consultancy services that are experts in the standard and have done it before to multiple companies.

Once they have successfully received an ISO 14001 Certification, they will be able to get their business going multi-fold, and with a greater customer base than before. The effect is on the mind of the customer, who is aware of the fact that there is no hallmark of quality bigger than ISO, and a company that continually keeps it will be the consumer’s preferred choice.


ISO 27001 and the Pillars of Cyber Security

ISO 27001 and the Pillars of Cyber Security

It is a misconception that cybersecurity is all about the technology, but it is not the case. It is a holistic effort. Yes, technology is a humongous part of cybersecurity, but technology won’t be able to run without specific instruction from human personnel and a system that facilitate that protection. Cybersecurity is something that composed of a combination of people, processes and technology. When this is installed in such a systematic way, there will be a reduced risk of cyber-attacks that occurs through an exploitation of network, systems and technologies. ISO 27001 is an Information Security Management System that is built on these three things: technology, people and processes.


When it comes to the ‘people’ aspect of the Trinity, there is one thing that must be clear to everyone involved which is that everyone should know what their roles in protecting data is; whether they are supposed to be handling sensitive data or spotting phishing emails. It is good for these people to undergo a security awareness programme which will help them reduce the impact.

There are people who are specialised for these kinds of roles – cybersecurity specialists who are specialised professionals certified and have skills and qualification that make them adept at implementing cybersecurity. It is important for you to make sure that such people who you hire are people who are up to date with the latest innovations in cyber security which subsequently will increase your company’s ability to prevent or mitigate a cyber-security threat.


These are series of steps that are all directed towards achieving a goal, and in this case, that goal is to implement an effective cybersecurity system. When the processes are clear, it helps the company to define how the company function to make sure that it is safe- the activities of each individual, the roles that they play and the documentation that is produced. All of this combines helps to mitigate the risks that organisation faces when handling such sensitive information. These processes need to be continuously updated and reviewed or else they run the risk of becoming obsolete. But perhaps the most important thing is that people follow them precisely.


Technology is massively important to cybersecurity; in fact, it is the crux of it. You will identify the kinds of cybersecurity threats that you will face during the course of your business, and once this is done, you will be able to select the kind of technology that you should implement and where to implement and all the other finer details. Technology utilised should always be the ones that are state of the art and one which is new, so that there is a greater chance at preventing any potential cyber-security treat – which is, in fact, arising each day.

ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 is the most coveted of all Information Security Management Systems and is the standard upon which everything else is measured. When you have embedded an ISO 27001 ISMS in your business, then you are doing the best thing you can to safeguard your business from cybersecurity.

The ISO 27001 is growing rapidly across the globe, and it is always being fitted newer clauses as the times change. This means that business who are already using it are getting themselves better at dealing with cybersecurity which in fact turns their competitors to jump on the bandwagon as well.

ISO 27001 and the Pillars of Cyber Security

When you want to get yourself protected from cybersecurity, you need to have these pillars and of course an ISO 12001 ISMS.


How To Register For VAT In UAE?

How To Register For VAT In UAE?

The Announcement

All member states of the GCC will have to implement the Value Added Tax (VAT) from the 1st of January, 2018. You wouldn’t want to wait a long time for you to register for it because the numbers of days are getting shorter. There is no going around this, there is going to be some major impact when this comes into effect. This will be felt by the businesses that are going to be affected by this. As a business owner, you might be flooded with questions regarding this new act. Here are some of the questions that you might ponder about:

Will my business need to register?

What is the impact of my business?

How is compliance achieved?

Will there be an effect on the cash flow?

How should I plan to manage the impact?

Who is responsible for the filing?

Does my team have the training?

What are the IT changes required?

What is Vat and How Does it Work?

It is a tax on consumer expenditure whereby the businesses are essentially collecting taxes for the govt. The business owner collects and submits the tax at each stage of the process until the final tax levied on the customer.

When a business has been registered under the scheme, it must do these three things:

Charge VAT at 5% on the goods and services it sells to the customers and other businesses
Pay goods and services it buys from other businesses
Must file VAT return every quarter to the Federal Tax Authority
Who needs to register for VAT?


If the annual turnover is more than 375,000 AED, it is mandatory.

If the annual turnover is between 187,000 and 375,000 AED, it is optional.

If the Annual turnover is less than 187,000 then it is not mandatory

Documents needed for VAT registration

It is quite important to have all these documents with you prior to registration

Trade License
Emirates ID
Certificate of Incorporation
Bank Account Details
Articles of Association
Description of Business Activities
Project Future Turnover
Last 12 Months Turnover
Value of Imports and Exports
Customs Authority Registration
GCC Supplies
Things that are Exempt from VAT

Financial Services clarified in the VAT Legislation
Residential Properties
Bare Land
Local Passenger Transport
What does the VAT mean for the individual?

As it is a general consumption tax, there will be an increase in the cost of living for the individual. Although this is subjective as it is dependent on the lifestyle of the individual. If the individual is spending on the things that are exempt from the VAT, then there won’t be any significant difference.

What does the VAT mean for businesses?

All businesses will be required to document their business income and costs, and the associated VAT charges. Those businesses that fall within the minimum threshold will have to register with VAT, while those which do not will need to maintain the proper records anyway, in case the ministry decides to include you in the VAT.

Who Can Help You?

Depending upon the skills of your resources – your employees, you can try and od the entire process of your own, or you can get the help of consultants who will get you through the entire process giving you transparency and clarity.

How to register for VAT in the UAE?

There are several things to consider before you register for VAT in the UAE. Here are some pertinent information about the VAT implementation in UAE


Advantages of ISO Consultants and ISO Certification Services In Dubai

Advantages of ISO Consultants and ISO Certification Services In Dubai

When you are in somebody to help you get through an ISO Certification audit, there is nowhere better to turn to than to the services of ISO Certification services. These organisations are comprised of expert professionals who are having the best pedigree of having had serviced myriad industries of all for certification in the various ISO Standards available. These organisations are here to give you the best possible chance of getting certified with an ISO Standard in the very first attempt itself, and they can give you several advantages:

These people are professionally trained.

They are having all the right pedigree to give you the advice that is needed for this category. When you really want to get yourself certified, these professionals will come and get you certified in the very first attempt itself. These are having plenty of experience of having made possible the certifications of companies of various types and of all sizes. Their experience and insight will guide you towards a successful ISO Certification.

They will save you costs

Of course, the price of paying for their service is initially high because after all these are experienced people who are willing to give their professional consultancy to you. However, with their vast knowledge, they would be able to create the perfect management system for your company. This solid foundation will, in the long run, save you enormous costs. The profits from the newly implemented system will far outweigh the price it took for you to pay for their services.

They will provide order and leadership

Of course, when you are venturing into new territories such as getting certified with an ISO Certification, you will be confronted with a lot of hurdles and your management team won’t be able to provide the kind of leadership if they are inexperienced in the process. Once these ISO Consultants arrive at your door, they are bringing with them years of experience as ISO Certification Consultants, and when they are recruited by these ISO Certification services in Dubai, they are also expected to guide everyone in the company wanting to be certified towards a full understanding on their new roles and how to implement the new processes.

These ISO Consultants and ISO Certification services in Dubai will become the shining light for you to traverse the through the cumbersome maze of implementing a management system and it will end with your obtaining the ISO standard for which you had started the journey.

Advantages of ISO Consultants and ISO Certification services in Dubai

There are several advantages to hiring ISO Consultants from ISO Certification services in Dubai and in this article we give pertinence to the main ones.


How To Prepare For An ISO 27001 Certification Audit?

In order to implement a 27001 Certification Standard, you will need to be having more than just the documentation that was cooked just a few days before. You will need to implement a series of activities that were described in your document. Once that has been done, you will need to implement another series of steps during the final phase of the project.

The ISO 27001 Certification Process

The ISO 27001 certification process is itself divided into 2 stages. There is Stage 1 and Stage 2.

In Stage 1, the compliance of the document to the clauses of the ISO 27001 standard is checked.

In Stage 2, the auditor performs the audit and checks whether all the activities are compliant with both the ISO 27001 and the documentation.

This stresses the importance of how much you need to be perfect when writing the document according to the clauses of the ISO 27001 Standard. It also stresses the importance of implementing the information security system in your company.

Steps That One Should Take

After all, the proper documentation has been prepared and the implementation of the new business processes have been implemented, then you will need to perform these tasks before you can go about for the actual audit.

Internal Audit
Management Review
Corrective and Preventive Actions
The purpose of an internal audit is to get an independent auditor to come around and do the auditing and check whether the Information Security System is working properly.

The Management review is a process where the management takes into account all the relevant facts about an information security and make the appropriate decisions.

The company then takes into all the faults and problems that were found out during the internal audit and the management review and take steps to resolve. These are called corrective actions, and these should be taken so that when the time for an audit comes, you won’t have any failures occurring.

Once all of this has been done, you would want to go over everything again, double check it, so that you know that everything is in order before the actual audit happens. This double check will ensure that every employee will know their task and specialities when the actual audit happens.


How ISO Consultancy Services in Dubai help you?

How ISO Consultancy Services in Dubai help you?

ISO Consultancy services exist to help you with the arduous and often exhausting process of preparing for an ISO Audit. If you are looking to get certified with an ISO Standard, then you will need to prepare for it, and it is not an easy task to prepare for the audit. It involves you having to upend existing business processes to make way for new ones or to modify them completely. This will be quite difficult as it involves also letting the employees know how much of a change is going to be implemented and what their new roles are in the company. However, with the help of experienced ISO Consultancy services in Dubai, you can effectively prepare for an audit. Here is how ISO Consultancy services in Dubai help you:

They are Experts

ISO Consultancy services in Dubai have the best consultants working for them. These people are the foremost experts in their trade. Your in-house expert is no substitute for these consultants, as they possess enormous knowledge and insight into the processes that pertain to ISO Audit and have had tremendous experience in having serviced myriad companies of all shapes and sizes. There is no other substitute for their expertise.

Your Best Chance

With all the skills that they possess, you are going to find out that if you were to hire them, you can be supremely prepared for the ISO Audit in the quickest amount of time. These consultants with their insight, knowledge and leadership qualities will most certainly guide the management and the employees through the complicated process of revamping the business process and implementing a new management system. These ISO Consultancy services in Dubai are your best chance at getting certified with an ISO Standard in the very first attempt.


Of course, once you’ve obtained that all precious hallmark, it would be wise to seek their services again so that there can be continual improvement of services. There will be modifications to the clauses of an ISO Standard here and then, and sometimes in the space of a couple of years, a new version of the whole standard will be unveiled. If you were to retain their services, they will come around and guide you again towards successful certification. Therefore, these ISO Consultancy services in Dubai are a very good investment to make for you will receive enormous benefits even after they’ve guided you towards successful ISO Certification.


Why you should get ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai?

Why you should get ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai?

There are reasons why you should receive an ISO 9001 Certification, especially if you are a company that is established in ISO 9001. If you are looking to completely revamp your company and have it fitted with all the new business processes which adhere to the quality level of the highest international businesses, then it would be wise for you to get certified with the ISO 9001 Certification. If you wish to be part of the highest echelon of businesses and make sure that your company generates greater revenue and brand awareness, then you would want to get ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai.

Cost Reduction

One of the most prominent reasons for you to get certified with the ISO 9001 Certification is that it will significantly reduce the costs. Of course, the initial cost of revamping your business processes and to prepare for the audit might be substantial but that should not discourage you from doing it. In time, you would notice that the costs that you had previously incurred are repeating, but instead, the costs have substantially reduced.

Trust and Market Share

Another thing that you are going to gain once you are sure to gain once you’ve obtained an ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai is the trust of the customers and a greater market share. This happens because no other standard comes near to ISO 9001 in terms of its status as a hallmark of quality. Clients and customers are more inclined to put their trust in companies that have been certified with the ISO 9001 than companies that have not been. This will be reflected in your market share as your increased reputation results in clients and customers choosing you over other competitors and giving you access to new niche and audience that had previously been unreachable.


Perhaps the real reason why you would want to implement a quality management system is just that so that it manages the quality or instils a seamless business mechanism where things transpire with relative ease. When you have certified with an ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai, you are going to an efficient management system where everyone knows each of their roles and structured in a way that problems get mitigated without causing negative repercussions and there is seamless ease in how everything is processed.

In summary, if you ever trying to catalyse your business and have it catapulted to a different level, then there is perhaps no other boost than getting an ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai.


Why Do You Need ISO Consultants In Dubai?

Why Do You Need ISO Consultants In Dubai?

This is quite a silly question actually; if you have procured an ISO certificate, then you would know the reason for choosing ISO Consultants in Dubai. But I am assuming that you have not, that is why you have clicked on the article. Well, for those of who don’t know, ISO Consultants in Dubai often play a very pivotal role in the procurement of an ISO Certificate, and if you want to know how much of a role they play, then I suggest that you pay attention while reading this article.

They are the ISO Experts
These people have been trained in the field, where they have reaped enormous experience in successfully helping companies from all business niches get certified to their desired ISO Standard. These ISO consultants in Dubai with their wealth of experience will prove to be invaluable guides towards your eventual certification

You can’t do it
Maybe, you might think that hiring an outside help is unnecessary. But you would be wrong, as it has been shown time and time again, that outside help is something of an imperative when it comes to ISO Certification. You cannot risk failing an ISO Audit because that would entail another ISO Audit which will be too much to bear and unfeasible.

Saves Costs
Think about it this way – they are an investment. Their initial cost might seem hefty, but understand the advantages of an assured ISO certification. It is quite an extensive list of things that you will be gaining once you get yourself an ISO certificate. These ISO consultants in Dubai, with their tremendous experience, can guarantee a certificate for you.

These ISO consultants in Dubai are of course are specialists. This means that they are knowledgeable of all the important ISO standards, these are of course: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, and the ISO 14001. Moreover, they are not mere consultants; they can double up as leaders of the whole audit process where they mentor the employees and the management to help you achieve certification.

They will keep in touch
Of course, once the certification is obtained, you would not want to have any sense of complacency. It is natural for you to go ahead thinking that the job is done. It is not, in fact, you have to still try and maintain the quality, and when any changes come, you would have to revamp and try again. ISO Consultants I Dubai will help you with that by keeping touch and telling you about the updates.