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Door Hardware Suppliers in UAE

Types of Door Hardware and Their Uses 1. Door Hardware or Door Furniture covers all those items that are used to install or enhance the working and appearance of…

Types of Padlocks and Their Uses - Video Dailymotion

Types of Padlocks and Their uses 1. Padlocks are locks that are detachable or partially detachable. They are used to lock gates, doors and furniture with hasp provisions or with the use of chains. 2. A padlock typically consists of a lock body and a shackle that is either hinged at one end or free from the lock body. The hinge is the part that is locked or released using a key. 3. While most padlocks are used for the same purpose, to secure and protect property, there are several types of padlocks. The most common types are: a. Standard Padlocks, b. Closed Shackle Padlock, c. Straight Shackle Padlock, d. Round Shackle or Circular Padlock, e. Long shackle Padlocks, and f. Safety Padlocks. 4. Standard Padlocks: Standard padlocks are fitted with a “U” shaped shackle hinged to the lock body at one end and fitted with a gap for the locking mechanism on the other. 5. Closed Shackle Padlocks: Unlike standard padlocks, this type has a shackle that does not extend out of the body. The item secured by the lock fits into a concave space in the lock body. 6. Straight Shackle Padlock: This type, also known as shutter padlocks are ideal to secure roller shutter doors. It consists of a lock body and a shackle that passes through a slot in the lock body. 7. Round Shackle or Circular Padlocks: These locks are similar to the closed shackle type but the lock body together with the shackle forms a disc. These locks are highly secure and tamperproof. 8. Long Shackle Padlocks: Long shackle padlocks are like standard padlocks with a U shaped shackle. The shackle on these locks, however are extended in length. They have an increased locking area and are more convenient for use. 9. Safety Padlocks: Safety padlocks have special safety features for lockout applications. These locks generally feature resistance to electrical current. Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Padlock Suppliers in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/padlock

A Guide to Design a Productive Working Environment - Video Dailymotion
  1. If you own or run an office and you’re looking for ways to improve the ambiance of your office space, you’ve come to the right place. 2. As seen in the office spaces of some of the largest corporates in the world, office cubicles and boring office layouts are a thing of the past. 3. Today, office interiors are being designed to stimulate a more efficient work experience through the space the workers and staff interact with to carry out their work. 4. There are several things to keep in mind when designing an ideal workspace, optimized for a maximized output. 5. Lighting: Dull, dark office spaces kills productivity, creativity and causes a waste of potential and skill. 6. Using a mix of natural light along with automated lighting systems can make your space brighter and more productive, while keeping your electricity bill low. 7. Visuals: Using Bold and Vibrant colors and designs with the features and furniture of the office space can subconsciously make workers more productive. 8. Different colors have special properties that stimulate certain emotions and feelings, which can be used to make workers work better. 9. Interaction: An Ideal office space should allow workers to interact and communicate with ease to allow them to work together towards a common goal. Teamwork is a recipe for success. 10. Open Spaces: To allow workers to interact better and to enhance the ambiance of a work space, many offices today are designed with an open layout, without partitions and cubicles. 11. Air Quality: Since almost every office is air conditioned, the use of greenery like herbs, shrubs and table top plants are used to make the air fresh, pure and to absorb sound. 12. Some offices have gone a step further installing live features like partitions, wall panels, etc. with live plants like creepers, shrubs and healthy herbs. Visit to Contact Office Interiors Suppliers & Manufacturers in UAE i.e. at
Why do you need to Hire Business Consultants - Video Dailymotion

Business consultants work hand in hand with the management team and executive team to analyze the current status of the business and marketplace. Consultants provide a clear and unbiased perspective about the client’s business and provide assistance to him in making crucial decisions which involve several risk factors. They give a new perspective to the business by giving new ideas which uplift the company’s overall growth. They provide a third person’s perspective on your business, analyze the current business strategies followed by the industries and provide additional room for improvement. A consultant will act as a leader in developing new relationships with other organizations by collaborating with each other in order to expand the company’s profits. Consultants help clients achieve their goals without the help of additional assistance. They help save time and money by completing complex tasks in a shorter period of time. They can work on two or more tasks simultaneously, and address issues which are not in the client’s area of expertise. They ensure that the employees do not face severe workloads and balance the pressure equally. They help the organization by coming up with new marketing strategies which will benefit the company to yield long term results. They also provide assistance to clients in accounting, managing finance, advertising, consulting, human resource management, issuing insurance and maintaining public relations. For more details about Business Consultants in UAE visit

Cash Counting & Detecting Machines in UAE - Video Dailymotion
  1. A currency counting machine is a must have for banks and businesses as it improves the speed at which currency is counted and also identify counterfeit. 2. The Machine has become indispensable to retail shops, banks, and hotels. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a counting machine: 3. Accuracy: The machine is accurate and completely eliminates errors that could occur while counting currency manually. Old and soiled notes that are stuck to each other are counted individually by the machine. 4. Convenience: It is also convenient because it is portable and is powered by batteries and so can be used even during a power failure. These machines are easy to operate and come with a feather touch keypads and a graphical LCD interface. 5. Fake Note Detection: One of the most important advantages of a currency counting machine Is the ability of the machine to detect fake notes. This feature saves businesses from huge losses because it is difficult to identify counterfeit manually. 6. Saves Time: Cash counting machines count money much faster and this saves banks and business a lot of time. It takes only a few seconds for the machine to count a stack of notes. 7. Some cash counting machines also identify different denominations. It also calculates the amount of money instead of just counting the notes. Visit to contact Currency Cash Counting Machines Suppliers in UAE i.e. at
Advantages of Aluminum Fabricators - Video Dailymotion

Aluminum Fabricators Fabricated aluminum is used in doors, windows, staircases, handrails and support railings for verandas, corridors etc. Aluminum is a strong metal which is lightweight, heat resistant, highly malleable, and corrosion resistant. Due to its high compression ratio aluminum doesn’t succumb to heavy damage. Engineers fabricate anodized aluminum to desired colors and different designs as per customer’s requirements. Fabricated aluminum products are used for development and construction activities, they meet the growing demand for offices, business and shopping complexes and theaters. Manufacturing process of aluminum fabrications Anodized aluminum is used in aluminum fabricators as pure aluminum cannot be used for construction. Aluminum is anodized by the process of buffing, pickling in acid solution and cleaning water. Anodized aluminum can be modified and designed by the process of cutting, bending, screwing and drilling. Aluminum fabricators ensure that the products are of high quality finish and take utmost care in assembling the product for better appearance and finish. Visit to Get in Touch with Aluminum Fabricators in UAE i.e. at

Glass Partition Installation Services in UAE - Video Dailymotion

Glass Partitions • Glass partitions are easy to install and help you save a lot of space. • They can be used to partition rooms, office cubicles, conference halls and dining areas. • Company logos and acrylic artwork can be added to glass partitions giving it a good visual appeal. • They can be fitted to railings and used as sliding doors or foldable partitions to provide an entryway for separated rooms. • Glass partitions are constructed by using glass panels or hollow glass blocks. Benefits of installing glass partitions Glass partitions can transform a simple workspace into a larger and more sophisticated one. Increased productivity • Installing glazed partitions can help reduce noise pollution, minimize distraction and improve productivity. Flexibility Glass partitions can be easily mounted and de mounted or moved from one place to another with minimal labor. They can be suspended from ceilings, attached to walls or added as folding doors to room separators. They can help you alter the layout of a room or hall by making optimum use of space Easy maintenance Glass partitions are relatively easy to clean. Window cleaning solution can be applied on glass panels and wiped down using micro fiber cloth. Improved lighting Installing glass partitions is the best way to let in sufficient sunlight. They provide a natural lighting to the room and help conserve electricity. Privacy Glass panels with frosted coating make the glass opaque. This type of glass can be used in areas which demand a private environment. Increased Durability The thickness of a glass partition is designed to withstand excessive wear and tear. With proper maintenance, they will last for a long time. Visit to contact Glass Partition Service Providers in UAE i.e. at

Types of Self Storage Facilities in UAE

Types of Self Storage Facilities
Self storage refers to a warehouse facility or a storage room.
This facility can be rented out on a temporary basis.
You can use them if you are moving, buying or selling a home.
You can use them to protect your financial assets.
You can also use them to store manufactured goods.
Self storage facilities are used by logistic and manufacturing companies.
Self storage units come with a wide range of security options such as
Access Control Attached Doors
Bio-Metric Scanners
CCTV Surveillance
Security Personnel
Types of self storage units
Drive Up Storage
This is ideal for stashing your valuable belongings securely.
It is easily available and can be rented on a monthly basis.
This unit allows you to store goods easily.
You can drive your truck close to the facility and stash your goods.
Climate Controlled Storage
This is an outdoor self storage unit.
This unit protects your goods from harsh weather conditions.
You can store furniture, metal items and artifacts.
It protects goods from
High temperature
Business Storage
This is a large self storage facility.
Heavy machinery and manufactured goods are stored in this unit.
This unit helps you organize your workplace effectively.
You can sell manufactured products from this unit.
Military Storage
This unit is designed to store arms and ammunition.
This storage facility is equipped with a secure vault door.
The vault door is secured with a bio-metric scanning device.
Temperature Controlled Storage
This storage facility is equipped with a thermostat.
The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature accordingly.
You can store sensitive goods and perishable goods.
Goods that are stored in a temperature controlled storage facility
Food and consumables
Radioactive materials
Surgical equipment
Biological specimens
Bio-medical equipment
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Rubber Sheets and Rubber Mats in UAE

Types of Rubber Sheets
A rubber sheet is a sheet of cloth coated with rubber.
They are inexpensive, highly versatile and offer high tensile strength.
Rubber sheets are used in homes, factories and corporate offices.
They can adapt to different climatic conditions.
Natural Rubber Sheet
These sheets are made up of non-toxic latex which is Eco-friendly.
They are dynamic and exhibit rebound and mechanical properties.
They are used in short blasts, shute linings and conveyor skirts.
Insertion Rubber Sheet
These are manufactured by reinforcing a single ply cloth.
They are widely used in commercial applications.
They are used in gaskets, toolbox linings and work benches.
They are available as insertion strips and self adhesive rubber sheet.
EPDM Rubber Sheets
They are resistant to acid, ketones and alkalies.
EPDM rubber sheets exhibit high weather resistance.
They are used in in high ozone applications.
Neoprene Rubber Sheets
These rubber sheets are fire resistant.
They are commonly used in oil gas and chemical industries.
Silicone Rubber Sheets
Silicone rubber sheets offer resistance to high temperature.
They are used to store medicines, surgical equipment and perishable goods.
They have a low rate of permeability.
Nitrile Rubber Sheets
These rubber sheets are used in electrical transformers and sealing.
They exhibit high tensile strength.
They are used in oil handling hoses, cable jackets and floor mats.
Viton Rubber Sheets
Viton rubber sheets is a synthetic type of rubber sheet.
They can withstand temperatures ranging from 20oF to 400oF.
Rubber sheets are used in a wide range of applications which include
Oxidizing elements
Orthopedic footwear
Sand blasting curtains.
They can also be used to provide grip in slippery areas.
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Rolling Shutters Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE by Sophia Taylor - Dailymotion

Types of Roller Shutters
1. Roller shutters are also known as sectional overhead doors or roller doors. This type of door is raised up to open and lowered to close.

  1. The applications of roller shutters are ample. It is commonly used for garages, kitchens, warehouses, schools and more.

  2. Roller Shutters are made of mild steel, galvanized steel, Cold Rolled, GI Vision, Aluminum, Powder-coated and stainless steel.

  3. The different types of Roller Shutters are :
    i) Built – on and Built-in Roller doors
    ii) Integrated shutter
    iii) Shutter featured with tilting laths
    iv) Manual
    v) Electric
    vi) Perforated Rolling

  4. Built–on and Built-In Roller Doors:
    The roller shutter box of a built-on roller is fixed on the outside of the building.

    A built-in roller is fixed into the beam above the door or window.

  5. Integrated Shutter:
    In this type of roller shutters, the shutters of the door and windows are combined as a single unit.

  6. Shutter featured with Tilting Slats:
    This type of shutter comes with tilting slats that are similar to Venetian blinds.

  7. Manual Roller Shutters:
    It is the most basic type of shutters.
    It is lowered and lifted manually to open or close the given space.

  8. Electric Shutters:
    These shutters have a tubular motor fitted to its rollers.
    The motor is powered by electricity and is operated with electrical switches and or a remote.

  9. Perforated Rollers:

These shutters are designed to provide security and transparency.
It is ideal for showrooms because the shutter secures the store but yet allows customers to view the products in the store.
The slats are made of galvanized iron or steel which are interlocked with plastic or steel end locks.

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Hydraulic Cylinders Suppliers in UAE

All You Need to Know About Hydraulic Cylinders
A hydraulic cylinder is used to drive force into a particular object.
They are powered by a pressurized hydraulic fluid.
It is connected to a piston rod which moves back and forth.
The piston rod connects the cylinder to the appliance.
The hydraulic piston rod can be mounted in different ways.
Hydraulic Cylinders are Used in:
Heavy Machinery
Heavy Construction Equipment
Gym Equipment
Marine Applications
Automotive Industries
Aerospace and Research Field
Components of a Hydraulic Cylinder
Cylinder Barrel
The cylinder barrel is designed to hold cylinder pressure.
It is made up of a seamless tube.

Cylinder Cap
The cylinder cap encloses one end of the pressure chamber.
This is welded, threaded or bolted to the body of the hydraulic cylinder.

Cylinder head
The cylinder head encloses the other end of the hydraulic chamber.
This is connected to the body with a static seal or O-ring.

The piston separates the pressure zone inside the barrel.
This is used to fit elastomeric seals, metal seals or bearing elements.
Types of Hydraulic Cylinders
Single-Acting Cylinder
A single-acting cylinder is hydraulically operated in a single direction.
It depends on loads, springs and cylinder mounts in order to function.
They are commonly used in internal combustion engines and steam engines.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
This hydraulic cylinder is equipped with two ports at both ends.
The working fluid acts alternately on both sides of the piston.

Mill Type Hydraulic Cylinder
This is a robust type of cylinder which is designed for heavy use.
They comprise of both screwed and welded cylinders.
They are designed to withstand high pressure and work in adverse conditions.
They are used in cranes, hydraulic pressers, rolling mills and smelting.

Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders
They are used in production equipment in the automotive industry.
They are easy to install and require little to no maintenance.
Due to their small design, they can be used in constricted spaces.
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Fire Sprinklers Systems Manufacturers in UAE

Types of Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are an essential safety mechanism in every building.
They help keep fires under control until the local fire brigade arrives.
They help fire-fighters put out fire quickly and effectively.
They are equipped with built-in with spoke and gas detection systems.
Fire sprinklers are equipped with control valves which activate automatically.

Pre-action Fire Sprinkler Systems

This system minimizes damage caused to the property when activated.
It is equipped with a pre-action trigger in the pipe segment.
Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are used in fire prone areas.

Dry Pipe Fire Systems

In this system water is stored in a supply tank instead of pipes.
The sprinkler head is filled with pressurized air which bursts out when activated.
They can be used in cold climatic conditions as water does not freeze in the pipe.
They are used in parking lots, cold storages, grocery stores etc.

Wet Pipe Systems

This is the most reliable type of fire sprinkler system.
Wet pipe system is equipped with a heat detecting glass bulb.
This glass bulb bursts out when exposed to fire.
This system is known for its fast reaction time.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler System

This system is in an always open state.
As the system triggers, high pressure water aggressively puts out fire.
This system is best suited in areas which house flammable materials.

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Recruitment Consultant Agencies in UAE

4 Reasons to Hire Through a Recruitment Consultant
A recruitment consultant selects candidates and recruits them.
Recruitment consultants link the company and the candidate.
They attract short list and select candidates.
They also choose candidates for unpaid roles like internships.
They use social media to attract prospective candidates.
Wide Reach
Recruitment consultants widen their base of operations.
This helps them find the right candidates.
They get in touch with different employment agencies for a wider perspective.
They have an extensive search team of consultants and clients.
Most recruitment companies find candidates for call centers and offices.
They Find The Right Candidates Not Applicants
Recruitment companies hunt for eligible candidates rather than looking for applicants.
In this manner, they do not waste time in filtering assessing and matching applicants.
They pre-assess candidates who are worthy.
Consultants are Highly Knowledgeable
Recruitment consultants have knowledge of the client’s industry.
They ensure that candidates not only match criteria but also the behavior.
They work closely with clients to understand the way they operate.
Recruitment Consultants Work According to Your Budget
They recruit candidates by connecting with the budget and resource constraints.
They understand the requirements of the client company and asses their budget.
They interview candidates and save time for clients.
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Recycling Services in UAE

Benefits of Recycling | Turn Used Products into a New Product
Recycling is the process in which waste materials can be converted and put to use.
It is a key component of modern waste management.
Materials like glass, plastic, metal, textiles and electronics can be recycled.
Waste materials are sorted, cleaned and reprocessed into new materials.
It Eases the Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing plastic, newspapers and aluminium cans are difficult.
If you recycle used products, you can reduce the cost involved in manufacturing.
Cost of labour and electricity can be cut down considerably.
Amount of waste generated reduces considerably.
It's Environment-Friendly
Recycling reduces the amount of trash which is disposed of in landfills.
Dumping waste in landfills can lead to increased carbon dioxide emission.
Purchasing recycled products not only helps reduce cost but also helps save the environment.
The energy required to produce recycled paper is less.
It Saves Resources
Recycling used materials can help manufacturers save a tonne of resources.
If used products are not recycled they result in faster depletion of natural resources.
The energy used in extracting raw materials can be conserved.
It Reduces Incineration
Recycled materials can be easily reprocessed to new products.
Therefore, the amount of rubbish sent to be incinerated reduces significantly.
Burning rubbish creates ash which is difficult to dispose of.
The process of incarceration involves the use of fossil fuels which are expensive.
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Elevators Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

Benefits of Installing a Home Elevator
Home Elevators, once considered a luxury or a medical necessity is now becoming a part of many homes across the globe.
Here is why you should consider installing a home elevator
A home elevator helps you move to different floors of your house with ease.
It also makes the moving of heavy objects easy.
A home elevator could make movement easy for old or differently-abled members of your family.
Save Space
Constructing a flight of stairs occupies much more space than an elevator.
An elevator only requires a shaft and therefore a takes up a small amount of space.
Elevators eliminate the danger of injuries that occur from falling down from the stairs or tripping over stair rails.
Increased Property Value
The resale value of a house increases when an elevator is installed.
Elevators add to the elegance of modern homes.
Elevators are available in a variety of designs that can suit the tastes and home of décor of any house.
Elevators also have features that allow you to restrict access to the elevator from unauthorized users.
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