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Headline for Water Sports in Maldives – Thrills in an Azure Paradise
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Water Sports in Maldives – Thrills in an Azure Paradise

When it comes to water sports, the Maldives is THE place to enjoy a full range of activities be it in the ocean or lagoon. Here are some of the most popular of such activities you can take part in.



Easily one of the most well known Maldives water sports, snorkelling is an activity that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The great thing about this activity is that you do not need prior experience. With the country being home to an amazing array of vibrant coral and marine species, not forgetting crystal clear ocean waters, snorkelling is the perfect way to witness the mesmerising world beneath the waves.


Seabob Excursion

One of the newest water sports that is fast gaining popularity, such an excursion involves utilising what is called a Seabob which some term as an underwater scooter and others, as an underwater rocket! Properties like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort lets you try out such unique water rockets that let you travel underwater at speeds of around 20 km/hr, giving you the feeling of swimming like a dolphin.



A more conventional way of exploring the deep seas, diving in Maldives lets you really witness the mysterious beauty that can be found in the Indian Ocean. The plethora of dive sites here include colourful coral reefs and sunken wrecks; couple this with the chance to see everything from sharks to manta rays, diving offers an unforgettable adventure indeed.



An ideal way to explore an expansive lagoon or even travel to a nearby island, kayaking is a wonderful water sport that offers a great workout too! While you do get solo kayaks, you even get ones that two people can use in tandem which is great for couples or those planning some family kayaking fun. Certain kayaks even come with transparent bottoms so you can truly view the awe-inspiring panoramas below the ocean surface.



The Maldives has become one of the most popular surfing destinations in South Asia with the country offering some wonderful waves for beginners and experienced pros alike. A lot of the island resorts incorporate surfing as part of their water sports offerings and you can look forward to plenty of reef breaks and consistent swells for a thrilling ride on the waves.



Harnessing the raw power of the wind, windsurfing also offers an action-packed ride on the waves. Water sports centres that feature windsurfing generally also provide the needed training to help one get the hang of it. Lagoons are great spots to try this activity out since you don't have to worry about rough waves.



While during this activity you end up soaring in the air, it nevertheless begins in the water and so is part of the water sports family! Strapped to a secure harness and parachute and pulled along by a speedboat, the laws of physics will soon see you lifted into the air, much like a kite; from up high enjoy unforgettable aerial views of this slice of paradise known as the Maldives.