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Updated by Jelena Cekic on May 26, 2017
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4 Steps for Preparing Your Family Life for Your Entrepreneurial Career



If you have reached the point in life where you simply don’t want to work for somebody else and don’t have the patience to go to and work from 9 to 5 every day, without the possibility to change things or advance in your career, then you are making the right choice by trying to make it on your own. What’s even better is the fact that there has never been a better moment in history for starting your own business.

There are a lot of opportunities and approaches for becoming an entrepreneur without having to invest large amounts of money. Still, this doesn’t mean that it will be easy and you will have to invest a lot of time and do some serious work. Apart from the fact that you will be doing a lot of thinking and planning for your work, this change will affect your life as well.

Not only your life, but the lives of your whole family. Given the fact that you will have to spend a lot of time starting a business, your family be affected as well. Here is how to prepare your loved ones, so that his aspect of your life doesn’t suffer because of your business.


Talk to your family and ask for support

Talk to your family and ask for support

You may encounter a lot of tension if your family doesn’t agree with the career choice you’ve made or the direction of your entrepreneurial career. If the people around you are completely against it, you will have a tough time succeeding and you might start doubting yourself and the decisions you’ve made. This is something you don’t need.

On the other hand, there are examples of the spouse being supportive at first, but starting to grow resentful after some time. All of this is because those people didn’t communicate with their families. If you talk about your work, what you will have to do, and how the changes will affect you and your family, you will prepare them for the changes that await them.

When you have your loves ones backing you up, all of the work will be easier and you will be to focus on it with more confidence. Additionally, you will know that they will come through for you if needed.


Talk about the necessary sacrifices

It is essential that you sit down with your family and reach a mutual understanding and an agreement on what individuals in your family, including you, will be giving up on. The whole family will have to cut down on some costs, no matter if we are talking about fancy clothes, expensive restaurants, brand new phones, or luxurious vacations.

If you are going to succeed, you will have to work as a team. You will naturally have to save up some money and cut down on costs to do so. Sometimes you will also be forced to take some money from your family budget to invest in your business, but don’t do this often. It’s not only about money, for example, if you are planning to have a baby, but you are slowly approaching your forties, you might consider fertility preservation so that you don’t miss your chance for having a child.


Plan your budget

When you start your business, you won’t start making money right away. During first year or two you will only have expenses unless you get really lucky, but you can’t count on that. This means that only your spouse will bring in the money on a monthly basis and this can be a burden.

The best approach is to first save up some money before you quit and start your entrepreneurial career. Consider the costs of starting your business and the money you will need for your household expenses, and try to gather enough money so that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal budget for your business.


Balance out your family and entrepreneurial life

Balance out your family and entrepreneurial life

Starting a business and taking care of your household simultaneously is a difficult task. This means that all family members need to be committed towards both of these things. You also cannot allow your work to take hold of you and neglect your family because of it. Take a day or two off and spend them with your family.

This will be good for you and them both. They will understand that you care about them and that you won’t give them up just because of work. This way you will get a fresh start and remember why you are doing all that work in the first place.

Starting your own business can be difficult, but if you have support from your family, it will be much easier. Make sure that your prepare for these things to avoid big problems with your business or your family.